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The Structure of Bicycle Helmets

Bicycle helmets are made of thin plastic shells and hold EPS foam.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Helmets

Did you know that it is compulsory for cyclists to wear helmets in many countries and states?

To be on the side of caution, you should always wear a helmet while cycling. You'll not only enjoy a safer ride but also avoid getting heavy fines.

In most cases these two are made separately and then assembled. On some of the best bicycle helmets, the foam is molded in the shell.

The EPS foam is there to absorb the hit and protect your head. The shell is there to hold the foam, and to supply additional protection, especially on rough surfaces.

There are also the straps, the buckle, and the pads. These are not for protection, but to make the helmet more comfortable, and to keep it on your head at all times.

Bicycle Helmets - How Do They Work?

As you ride your bicycle you are exposed to many risks. The helmet is there to protect your head while riding. The outer layer of the helmet can protect you from objects such as stones, trees on a mountainside, and from hitting the ground or any other solid object.

The stiff foam is there in case you are involved in a severe accident and is meant to absorb the energy of a major impact.

The straps are there to keep the helmet on your head at all times. It is most important during an accident, and especially even when you hit other objects several times.

While a helmet may not always save you, the technology that goes into it is well-researched to lessen the impact when you hit your head. A good helmet contains a layer of crushable foam that will soften the impact.

It's your brain that gets the most damage from impact because it gets shaken and nerves and vessels get strained or damaged from this. By cushioning the impact, the helmet acts like shock.

How to Wear Your Helmet

  • Bicycle helmets should be worn so that while riding they are level to the ground.
  • Many people tip the helmet back. Don't do that, and don't let your kid do that. Make sure that your forehead is also covered!
  • Make sure that the helmet straps are fastened. Fasten straps will keep the helmet on your head if you fall.
  • Adjust the straps. Make sure that the helmet is held properly on your head (but not too tight), and that it can't be easily twisted.

Biking Helmets Myth

  • Helmets are unstylish - Wrong! Indeed, bicycle helmets don't have to be stylish, but recently there has been a focus on the helmet's style. They are colorful and unique and there are even retro-styled helmets.
  • Helmets are expensive - Wrong! Not all bicycle helmets are as expensive as you might think. There is a large selection of helmets that are inexpensive, in a range of styles and colors, and meet national safety standards.
  • Helmets can last forever - Wrong! There are two occasions when you will have to wave goodbye to your loved helmet and buy a new one: The first is after an accident when the helmet might be damaged (note that damage may not be visible). The second reason to replace your helmet is the aging of the foam. I would recommend following the manufacturer's recommendations (usually after five to ten years).
  • I don't need a helmet - Wrong! You are riding safely, but the statistics are against you. In the US a rider may crash about once every 4,500 miles, and there are about 700 annual bicycle deaths, most of them caused by head injuries. Bicycle helmets can prevent most of them!
  • Helmets with excessive vents are better - Wrong! Ventilation is indeed very important, but be aware that as you have more holes in your helmet there is less outer skin and inner foam to protect your head.

Bicycle Helmets
Bicycle Helmets

Check Out my List of Bicycle Helmets

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Child Bicycle Helmet - A child bicycle helmet is the most important bike accessory you could ever buy for your child. In general, cycling is a very safe sport, but that doesn't absolve you of the responsibility to ensure that your child is well-protected.

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Mountain Bike Helmets - Mountain Bike helmets may be the most basic of all safety cycling accessories. Your head is the body part that is most susceptible to injury in the event of a fall and you should invest in some protective head gear to keep yourself safe.

Bicycle Helmet Cover - Some say that a bicycle helmet cover is useless, but any cyclist with a good helmet (and all serious cyclists should own one) needs a decent helmet cover. Read ahead...

Bicycle Helmet Mirror - Using a bicycle helmet mirror was denounced in the past as geeky and unfashionable, but in recent times cyclists have begun to recognize the inherent pragmatism in this accessory's wonderful design. Read ahead...

Where To Buy Bicycle Helmets?

As bicycle helmets are so crucial, my best advice is first to select adult bicycle helmets in a bicycle store. Then you can buy it there, or buy it online. If you are interested in buying bicycle helmets you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Buy Bicycle Helmets Online

New Kask Elemento Cycling Helmet, Red (New - 519.95 USD)New Kask Elemento Cycling Helmet, Red
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