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Bicycle Lock
Bicycle Lock

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Imagine you go to retrieve your bike and it is just not there. What a horrible feeling! In the aftermath of bike theft, we are left feeling miserable and think that we would do anything to have our bikes back.

Let us now take steps to make sure such a tragedy never occurs!

Choosing the right lock and looking after your bike will make the difference between you enjoying your bike and someone else enjoying your bike.

Bicycle Theft

In the US, a bicycle is stolen every minute, and less than 5% of those bikes are returned to their owners!

If you have ever had your bike stolen, you know how it feels to discover that your beloved bike is just not there. If you have never had a bike stolen, you probably want to have the best bicycle lock and to keep your bike safe!

Unfortunately, there are certain circumstances where one cannot stop bike theft. Given the right opportunity, enough time, and the right tools, little can stop your bike from being taken. However, you can take certain steps to make sure your bike remains your bike:

  • Avoid leaving your bike outside in questionable places or in unlit areas
  • Avoid leaving your bike unattended for too long
  • Register your bike and serial number with the local police
  • Use a the best bicycle lock to secure both bicycle wheels and the frame to a permanent fixture

While a well-equipped, experienced thief will often succeed in stealing unattended bikes, many bike thefts can be avoided. If you leave your bike unlocked outside a store while you run inside for ‘just a second’, don’t be surprised to find it is gone when you return! Never assume your bike is safe!

Could this theft have been avoided? – Yes!

Use the best bicycle lock and lock your bike to a signpost with a high-quality lock. You return an hour later and it is gone. The thief has simply slid the bike up and over the post while standing on the bumper of his truck.

Could this theft have been avoided? – Yes!

With common sense and a good lock, you will have the opportunity to create many wonderful memories with your bike. Let’s look at some basic types of bicycle locks:

Did you know...?

Bicycle Locks

Did you know that key locks are usually more secure than combination locks?

Experts agree that combination locks, especially those with three-number combinations, are generally easier to pick. If you store your bicycle outdoors or regularly leave your bicycles at bike stands, a key lock is probably a better option. Make sure you don't lose your key though.

Selected Bicycle Locks

Cable Bicycle Locks

Bicycle Locks

The benefit of these bicycle locks are that they are easy to carry around attached to bicycle frames or inside your cycling backpack, because they are light, flexible, and are easy to wrap around many objects that you want to lock your bikes to, such as trees and lampposts.

The high quality cable bicycle locks are made of multiple wires so that it is difficult to cut the cable. In cheaper cable locks there is a single wire, or their wires are thicker. While cable bicycle locks do not provide the highest level of security, they are perfect for deterring the opportunistic thief.

Bicycle Chain Lock

Bicycle Locks

Although considerably heavier, these bicycle locks provide much more security than the average cable lock. Manufacturers such as Kryptonite produce locks made of sturdy, hardened, over-sized steel links.

Bicycle U Lock

Bicycle Locks

Bicycle U Lock has its name due to its shape. Otherwise it called shackle lock. This lock probably provides the most amount of security out of all the different types of locks. Shackle locks consist of a u-shaped metal bar that fits into another straight bar.

Because of the thickness of the hardened metal, a bicycle u lock can withstand quite a bit of hack-sawing before it surrender. Some companies such as Kryptonite has so much faith in their locks that they offer up to $4,500 (USD) insurance on their top end models.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Locks

Did you know that round key locks are more reliable today than before?

Some bicycle locks use flat or round keys depending on their design. Initially, locks that used round keys could be easily opened using ballpoint pens. However, technological advancement and changes in design have made these lock as reliable as their flat key counterparts.

Where to Buy Bicycle Locks?

If you are interested in buying bicycle locks you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Buying Bicycle Locks on eBay

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