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Bicycle mirrors are among the most contentious of all pieces of bicycle equipment. Some ardent cyclists claim that they have already developed their sense to stay keen on the road. Bicycles are designed in a way to help riders easily turn their head sideways and use peripheral vision to look back and see any traffic coming up from behind. Moving from this system to using bicycle mirrors seems quite a task for them

Some bicyclists think that bicycle mirrors are an extra addition that will add weight to the bike frame and compromise the aerodynamic nature of the bicycle without adding any noticeable functionality.

It is these beliefs that make some bicycling commuters, mountain bikers and road racers avoid the use of bicycle mirrors. However, bicycle mirrors are in the same class of bicycle safety equipment as bicycle reflectors and lights.

How to use Bicycle Mirrors

Bicycle mirrors come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Tip: Helmet mirrors offer great versatility

Bicycle Mirrors

If you regularly find yourself riding on different sides of the road, a helmet bicycle mirror is best suited to helping you seen traffic from any side. They tend to be easy to move from side to side and can be easily dismounted from one side and attached to the other depending on the rider’s preference.

For this get an easy to mount and adjust helmet bicycle mirror available.

They can be fitted on bicycle helmets, bicycle handlebars and also come attached on sunglasses. Riders are advised to select the most appropriate variation depending on their intended use.

For instance, handlebar mounted bicycle mirrors are suited for use for bicycle commuting enthusiasts as well as road racing. These often ride on flat surfaces where the mirror is free from the rigor of rough riding.

Bicycle mirrors designed for use on bicycle helmets and sunglasses can be used by any rider and more specifically, mountain bikers. This is because they suffer reduced shocks and when the bicycle collides with any object they can be left unscathed only if the rider is as well.

Types of Bicycle Mirrors

Bicycle Handlebar Mirrors

Bicycle handlebar mirrors are the most common and are normally attached to the bicycle’s handlebars. They come with the drawback of being vulnerable to the rigors and vibrations of rough riding. However, some designs come with collapsing arms to help weather knocks without sustaining any damage.

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Bicycle Helmet Mirrors

This type of bicycle mirror is designed to be used where handlebar mirrors are ill suited. They offer less shock and vibration as compared to regular handlebar mounted mirrors. Some variants come with collapsing arms to prevent breakage when knocked by an object.

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Bicycle Sunglasses Mirrors

These are another variation of the bicycle mirrors. Usually fitted on sunglasses they are a great idea for cyclists who usually enjoy riding wearing sunglasses. They are similarly suited to situations where handlebar mirrors are ill suited.

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Tip: For extreme biking, avoid mirrors that are bicycle-mounted.

Bicycle Mirrors

If you enjoy mountain biking across very rocky and uneven terrain or downhill biking, a bike-mounted mirror is probably a bad idea.

If your bicycle takes a tumble - and it most certainly will sooner or later - your mirrors will probably be shattered. Instead, go for the sunglasses-mounted or helmet-mounted options presented here to keep your mirrors safe.

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