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Bicycle Panniers
Bicycle Panniers
Bicycle Panniers
Bicycle Panniers
Bicycle Panniers
Bicycle Panniers

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After returning from my Rhine River Tour and our bicycle trip in Japan I know a bit more about bicycle panniers. I would like to share my experience with you.

A bicycle panniers are traveling bags specially designed to be attached to either side of bike wheels, on the front or back of the bike. Bicycle panniers are attached either by hooks or quick-release straps.

Bicycle pannier racks help you comfortably transport items too heavy for a cycling backpack, but without the hassle of attaching bicycle trailers.

Bicycle panniers, because of their narrow design and durability, are perhaps the best option for carrying items on your bike. Are you making a quick trip to the grocery store for a few things? Why not leave the car at home and bring your bike! You will be invigorated by the ride and will save money on gas.

For your next sun-soaked weekend why pack a picnic in your bicycle panniers and cycle someplace scenic for the afternoon? For any recreational or adventure cyclist, a bicycle pannier is a must. However, there has been an ongoing debate on which type is best. If you want to invest in a quality kit, pannier should be something that should be given attention and due consideration. If you’re having trouble choosing from the wide variety of bicycle pannier in the market today, read on and find out the important factors that you need to take into account:

Bicycle Rear Rack

Using bicycle panniers on our bicycle trip in Japan

Bicycle Panniers Design Factors to Consider


Did you know...?

Bicycle Panniers

Did you know that the first bicycle pannier was invented in 1884 in Camden, New Jersey?

In those times, panniers were used primarily to hold food, water and maps. Nowadays, the pannier has evolved to meet the demands of a modernizing society and there are panniers capable of holding clothes, shoes and even laptops.

Some panniers are made from PVC type materials, which offer waterproof protection. Others simply offer "shower proof" capability, which are typically made from woven materials such as cotton duck or cordura.

However, there are some cyclists who prefer not to use waterproof material as these materials are known to allow contents to "breath" a little. To compensate, then often pack it and keep it dry in poly bags. This is basically a matter of personal preference and your cycling requirements.

The highly recommended fabrics are the manmade synthetics, which are known to have high level of resistance against abrasion and are more ideal for outdoor use. Thick woven canvas or polyester cloth are idea for outdoors as these materials are known to be more resilient against direct exposure and changing weathered conditions. There are also nylon pannier constructions that are UV resistant.

Closure Mechanism

If you take a look at the different bicycle pannier designs, closure mechanisms come in different types such as ‘strap-down' and ‘roll-top'. The former offers easier and more convenient access compared to the roll-top design. However, if your main priority is keeping your contents safe from water seepage, then you may want to consider choosing the roll-top closure design. Another alternative is zippering, which are also not 100% waterproof and may eventually fail.

Pockets/No Pockets

Pockets are generally useful in panniers for a bicycle as they are designed to provide easy access to stuff that you constantly use during the day such as water, sunscreen, etc.

Mounting Systems

Bicycle Panniers
Bicycle Panniers
Bicycle Panniers

You need to make sure that your mount and pannier are compatible and properly fit your bike's height.

Mounting systems, otherwise referred to as racks can be purchased as universal style or custom heights to fit a certain dimension. The right rack will feel strong and sturdy and should be able to copy with both cold and hot temperatures without cracking.

Rack materials vary, but among the election, lightweight allow frames are widely preferred by many since they are lighter and more durable. You can also choose a pannier rack with a quick-release bracket to offer fuss-free attachment.

Types of Bicycle Panniers

All Weather Panniers

Bicycle Panniers

For less than perfect weather conditions, 100% waterproof panniers can be purchased, or your current pannier racks can be fitted with rain-proof covers. What transportation solution can be better than this?

There are also panniers with rain covers, like the Avenir Excursion Panniers. Other solution is to buy a panniers rain cover, like the Topeak Rain Cover.

The best solution is to buy a waterproof or water resistance bicycle pannier racks, such as the Ortlieb Twin Panniers.

Twin Panniers

bicycle panniers

Twin panniers are best for long bicycling tours. They are designed to carry lot of stuff in the most comfortable way. Just be aware that there is a weight destribution issue when loading twin panniers full of cargo on the bicycle rear rack. The best solution is to balance the weight with a bicycle handlebar bag.

Axiom has two types of twin panniers for bicycle: the Seymour Pannier Set contains 27 Liters, and the Seymour DLX 45 Pannier Set contains 45 Liters.

Twin Panniers on eBay

No "twin Pannier" (All condition) found on eBay(US)

Single Panniers For City Commuting

bicycle panniers

For the city commuter, rear panniers are sufficient, and offer ample room to meet your needs.

Delta Compact Panniers is a great all-purpose pannier, and is made of durable, rip-proof nylon. If you plan on braving nastier weather, you might want to consider the 100% waterproof Topeak

Single Panniers Online

No "single Pannier" (All condition) found on eBay(US)

Quality Bicycle Panniers Brands

To point you to the right direction, below are some of the most trusted brand of panniers for bicycle:


Bicycle Panniers

The bags and panniers from Ortlieb have been proven by countless numbers of expedition and bicycle tours. Among their legendary models is the roll top which offers 100% waterproof protection. Typically, the brand is known to use Cordura fabric due to its exceptional durability, complemented with heavy duty zippers.


Bicycle Panniers

Arkel offers a wide variety of bicycle panniers, bags and packs that can be used for any type of bicycle touring. Their bags are usually available in bright colored materials for enhanced visibility as well as cater to different preferences. They offer a full line of weather resistant packs complete with internal plastic liners.

Using Bicycle Panniers

One of the best ways to transport items on your bike is by using a bicycle pannier, or a set of twin Panniers. For more information, read my articles and get some bicycle touring tips, and read about bicycle touring preparation. For a live example of using twin panniers for bicycle, you can read about our bicycle trip in Japan and Rhine River tour.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Panniers

Did you know that water resistant panniers allow for air circulation?

Depending on what is stored in panniers, some cyclists like panniers that allow for air circulation. To avoid the contents developing stuffy smells, water resistant panniers allow for aeration of the contents while avoiding the entry of water.

Where to Buy Bicycle Panniers?

If you are interested in buying bicycle panniers you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

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