Bicycle Pet Accessories

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Obtaining a bicycle pet accessories is a great way for you to travel around the countryside while strengthening the bonds you share with your favored pet.

Here is a List of Bicycle Pet Accessories

Most small to medium-sized pets can fit right in these carriers, whether you simply want to enjoy cycling without having to leave your cat locked up in a cage or want to take a trip with your aging canine companion.

The bicycle pet accessories themselves attach painlessly to the rear axles of your average bike and are exceptionally useful when you have a more stable recumbent trike for distance cycling. There are, however, factors that you have to take into consideration before settling on one particular carrier.

Buying the Right Bicycle Pet Accessories

Make sure the size of the bicycle pet accessories matches your pet

You have to make sure that the carrier you get will be able to properly house your pet without restraining its movements too much.

Make sure the height of the bicycle dog seat or bicycle pet basket matches the height of the animal’s chin to its paw – likewise for the length of your pet’s chest to its hindquarters along with the width from one shoulder to the next.

Doing so will allow you to select a carrier that won’t restrain your pet’s movements without getting a carrier that is too big and heavy. This is especially important if you own a larger dog that needs more real estate to stretch its paws out when it wants to lay down.

Tip: Bicycle pet accessories are perfect for walking dogs

Bicycle Pet Accessories

If you want to get some cycling training done, but need to walk your dog as well, a bicycle pet carrier is the perfect solution.

If your dog is fit enough to keep up with you, a bicycle dog leash will allow him to trot behind or alongside your bike as you cycle.

If your dog is older and less fit, a pet basket or pet trailer will allow him to take a rest when he gets tired. Either way, it's a fantastic way for both you and your pet to have a great workout.

Train your pet to get used to the bicycle pet carrier

Some pets will require a bit more time and patience on your part as the owner. Your pet will likely encounter adjustment problems it is uneasy about being placed in small, confined spaces or has a tendency to react anxiously to unfamiliar items that you introduce to it.

The same is true if your pet has a tendency to be hyperactive when you take it with you on car trips. Use food to reward your pet for staying calm in the carrier while further reinforcing a relaxed vibe by being relaxed yourself.

This may take anywhere between a few hours to a few days, but it is nonetheless a vital part of familiarizing your pet to its new bike carrier.

Practice riding with the bicycle pet carrier

You may be comfortable with the way you ride your bike, but you will see significant changes to speed, turning and overall maneuverability when you attach a loaded carrier to the rear end of your bike.

This is an especially important tip to remember when you ride a two-wheel bicycle as opposed to a three-wheeler since balance plays a much more important role in the former variety.

Simply load up a couple pounds of random stuff in the carrier and take your bike on a cruise in your neighborhood. Learn to adjust to and compensate for any effects the carrier will have before taking any long journeys, otherwise you may end up in an accident that you could have totally avoided if only you prepared a little better.

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Where to Buy Bicycle Pet Accessories?

If you are interested in buying bicycle pet accessories, such as dog carriers, dog leashes and dog seats, you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

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