Bicycle Dog Carrier

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Bicycle Dog Carrier
Bicycle Dog Carrier

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Using a bicycle dog carrier is the best option to carry your pet. Taking a dog out while cycling can be difficult and in some cases dangerous. To keep both yourself and your dog safe while riding out, using a dog bike basket might be the safest option.

Why a Bicycle Dog Carrier?

For most avid cyclists who also happen to be dog owners, the most common way to take a dog for a walk while cycling is to wrap the leash around the handlebar or seat post.

While this may seem like a simple enough solution, it is rather dangerous because dogs are constantly prone to distractions, especially in public areas (other dogs, people, curious looking objects, bathroom breaks, etc.).

When dogs do get distracted they are often prone to lurching towards something or someone and most often they take the cyclist down with them. Not only do you run the risk of meeting with a nasty accident but you also face the daunting task of trying to recover your dog.

Fortunately, the bicycle dog carriers are now becoming mainstream, allowing dog-owning cyclists to ride in peace while keeping their favorite canine company.

Types of Bicycle Dog Carriers

There are two main types of dog carriers: the dog bike basket and the dog bike trailer. Naturally, the type of bicycle dog carrier that you choose will depend on the dog.

  • Dog bike basket: This is usually attached to the front of the bicycle, which is great for smaller breeds like terriers or even puppies. You can also put store other items in the basket when you are not riding with your dog.
  • Dog bike trailer: This is designed for larger breeds like a Golden Retriever or an Alsatian. The trailer has two wheels and is attached to the back of the bicycle. Most trailers are constructed with steel frames and feature a small tent that can protect your dog from the rain.

A dog bicycle basket is the more convenient of the two systems since it allows you to constantly keep an eye on your dog while giving you quite a bit of flexibility while riding. However, if your dog is prone to jumping out or getting distracted, then the bicycle trailer would be a better option since it has a low ground clearance, so your dog will not be harmed. If you do install a trailer, you may also want to consider a rear-view mirror, so that you can always keep an eye on your dog.

Dog Training

Remember that before you start taking your dog out for rides on the trailer or basket, it is important to train them properly.

Tip: To get your dog accustomed to the dog carrier, make him feel at home.

Some dogs are jittery and afraid of the unknown and dogs with this sort of personality will inevitably have difficulty adjusting to a bicycle dog carrier.

To ease the transition process, place some of his favorite chew toys and blankets in the dog carrier. Before long, he'll see it as his second home.

The best way to this is to give them a few days to get accustomed to the new system. Start by introducing them to it at home and then take them on short rides until they become comfortable with the setup.

Dog bike trailers and dog bike baskets are the best possible way to enjoy a wonderful ride with your dog. However, pay particular attention to installation of the carrier and the training secessions because it is vital to win your dog's trust. If they are confused or afraid of the carrier, they could get into a lot of trouble while you are taking them for a ride.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Dog Carrier?

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Dog Carriers On YouTube

Take a look at this fun YouTube videos about dog bike basket and dog bike trailers:

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