Bicycle Dog Leash

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Bicycle Dog Leash

A bicycle dog leash is the perfect solution for cyclists who want their dogs to join in on the thrills of the trail, but can’t fit their pets into a basket or a trailer.

Large, athletic dogs need exercise as much as you do, so why deny them? Combining these two activities of yours and its is easier than ever before and also far safer.

With a bicycle dog leash specifically designed for biking, you can keep your hands free and your dog close by. Much like using a bicycle dog carrier, now you don’t have to leave your dog at home; both of you can enjoy the sun, wind, and adventure of the outdoors. Here are some sample products:

Tip: Install a side mirror to keep an eye on your dog

Bicycle Dog Leash

A bicycle dog leash like the Springer Bicycle Jogger allows your dog to run slightly behind the bicycle.

If you are using one of these bicycle pet accessories you should keep an eye on your dog and make sure he doesn't run too close to the bike or pull against the leash.

For this purpose it is best to install a side mirror: that way you can watch your dog and keep your eyes on the road at the same time.

Sample Products

Hands-Free Bicycle Leash

Bicycle Dog Leash

This dog leash system designed to keep you and your dog happy and safe. A stainless steel rod extends from your bike frame, releasing a leash below.

This rod connects you to your pet as you ride, keeping you both in step without compromising your biking performance. Likewise, your dog won't have to do anything differently and won't require any training to adjust to this leash--it'll just be adventure as usual.

When your dog isn't joining you, this rod is easy to remove, and then easy to attach again in case your dog wants to join at the last minute.

Springer Bicycle Jogger

Bicycle Dog Leash

While some bicycle dog leash items are constructed with a parallel design, this leash system allows your dog to follow the path of your bike slightly behind you.

Some cyclists believe this to be a safer method than the parallel models, as your dog is kept away from your bike frame, wheels, and chains. Likewise, the overall weight distribution is more natural, improving balance and performance.

This is a well-made, sturdy leash that will keep you and your dog on the same path.

Bike Balance Dog Jogger Kit

Bicycle Dog Leash

This model can fit onto any size bike and be adjusted to match any size dog, and flexibility is just the beginning of what this kit offers.

Its sleek, rust-free, aluminum design is also built with improved mobility in mind. While some leash systems are fixed and rigid, like a bicycle dog carrier, this system allows for your dog more freedom to smell and explore, simulating what it would be like for your dog to run with his pack.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Dog Leash?

If you are interested in buying bicycle dog leash you can buy it on one of these trusted online stores:

Buying a Bicycle Dog Leash on eBay

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