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Bicycle Dog Seat

Having a bicycle dog seat is important for you and your pet. Bringing your pets with you whenever you go out for a ride in the park can be a bit difficult without a dog bicycle seat. This is important if you do not want your dog running around the grassy fields or the side of the road without any safety harnesses or belts. But why should you go for dog leashes that can put your pet’s life at risk, when you can use bicycle dog seats every time you travel together?

Why Buying a Bicycle Dog Seat?

If you’ve been shopping around for a means of taking your pet with you along for bike rides, by now you know that there are a variety of ways to do so.

Apart from dog seats there are leashes customized for use with bikes. There are also baskets and trailers. So why choose a dog seat over these options?

Safety: With baskets, which are mostly attached to the front of the bike, you will have your furry friend on your handlebars. If you have a hyperactive dog this could present a distraction to you while riding, endangering both you and your pet, especially on busy roads. With your dog riding securely in the back, he will be less of a distraction.

Closeness: While trailers are also good at keeping your dog in a place from which he will be less of a distraction, they put them at a place where it’s difficult to keep an eye on them. With a dog seat, your pooch won’t be much of an obstruction and you will still be able to watch him closely.

Before Buying a Bicycle Dog Seat

Weight: This applies in two ways: first, you need a seat that can comfortably support the weight of your dog. Weigh your dog and compare its weight to the weight limit stipulated by the supplier. If your dog is huge you might want to consider buying a trailer instead. Secondly, you need to be sure that the weight of the seat itself won’t so much as hinder steering.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Dog Seat

Did you know that bicycle dog seats should never be used with a collar and leash?

This is extremely dangerous as your pet might try to jump out of the seat and end up breaking his neck. If you are afraid your dog will try to escape from the dog seat, take the time to train him properly instead of putting him on a leash. He'll enjoy the rides much more that way.

Size: Consider the dimensions of whatever the dog seat in question visa-v the height and length of your dog. Make sure that your furry friend is not confined in cramped quarters while you ride in comfort. He won't be happy.

Comfort: This consideration goes hand in hand with size. Apart from ample space for your dog to move about a bit, the seat should be inlaid with material that will keep your dog cozy. A seat with a soft fleece interior is a good choice in this regard.

Protection: Does the seat you're looking at have a cover to keep your dog from getting drenched in case it rains?

Ease of use: Try and find out how easy it is to attach the seat to your bike. It should also be easy to remove the seat once you're back for the times when you want to ride alone.

Bicycle Dog Seat - Front, Rear or Trailer?

Bicycle Dog Seat

If you think that a dog seat can be attached only to the front of the bicycle, then you are mistaken. There are also bicycle dog seats that are attached to the rear of the bike. Take a look at the Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat.

Another type of dog seat would be the ones known as the trailer style. These are a lot bigger and can hold heavier dog breeds. You are invited to visit the page about dog bicycle trailer.

How to Avoid Bicycle Steering Problems?

Bicycle Dog Seat

As advantageous as the bicycle seat can be for you and your pet, you also need to watch out for the downsides of having one. If you purchase the heavier ones, you will most probably experience a bit of difficulty in steering or maneuvering your bicycle.

The trick here is to find the ones made with lightweight metal and fabric or even those made with wicker such as the Solvit Tagalong Wicker Bicycle Basket. Small bicycle dog seats are not ideal for transporting heavy or bigger dogs. So best to pick out a dog trailer if you want to bring your Collie with you.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Dog Seat?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle dog seat you can buy it at one of these trusted online stores:

Buying a Bicycle Dog Seat Online

Cat And Dog Bicycle Front Handle Basket Pet Seat Handle Wicker Road Bicycle Bask (New - 47.65 USD)Cat And Dog Bicycle Front Handle Basket Pet Seat Handle Wicker Road Bicycle Bask
(New - 47.65 USD)
Bike Handlebar Lightweight Dog Cat Seat Carrier Bag Bicycle Pet Basket Foldable  (New - 45 USD)Bike Handlebar Lightweight Dog Cat Seat Carrier Bag Bicycle Pet Basket Foldable
(New - 45 USD)
3-in-1 Pet Dog Puppy Bicycle Basket & Car Seat & Hand Carrier Bag & Rain Cover (New - 39.99 USD)3-in-1 Pet Dog Puppy Bicycle Basket & Car Seat & Hand Carrier Bag & Rain Cover
(New - 39.99 USD)

Last Word About Buying A Bicycle Dog Seat

Now that you have picked out the perfect dog seat for your pet, you can start scheduling bike rides with your treasured dog.

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