Bicycle Pet Basket

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Bicycle Dog Basket

If you have a bicycle pet basket you can enjoy a leisurely bike ride with your Chihuahua without putting him inside a suffocating pet bag. Instead, use a pet basket to carry or bring your pet with you whenever you ride a bike with your friends and family.

Now, these carriers or baskets can be attached to either the front or the rear part of the bicycle. So depending on your preference and the size of your pet, you can choose from the following types of pet baskets for bicycles:

Wicker Bicycle Pet Basket – For A Classic Style

A bicycle basket that’s made of wicker is the perfect carrier for pets which weigh more or less 13 pounds. One advantage of a wicker pet basket is its look.

Wicker pet baskets (like this Wicker Pet Bike Basket) looks like your traditional or old school pet baskets. They are smaller, cozier and lighter compared to their metal or fiber glass counterparts.

Although pretty and rustic looking, these may not be able to withstand the weight of heavier breeds of dogs. Another thing, if exposed to harsh weather conditions, these fibers can deteriorate and you may end up spending more money buying a new one for your next trip.

Metal and Cloth Bicycle Pet Baskets

Aside from what was initially stated, metal and cloth pet baskets are also in demand amongst pet owners, not just because of their trendy looks. These are sturdier and more efficient in securing your pets compared to their other counterparts.

I would recommend the use of a bicycle basket that’s made with a combination of metal and cloth, since this type is stylish and can hold heavier or bigger sized pets.

The Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket is the classic example of a good quality pet basket that can either house a small toy dog and a medium sized terrier.

Use a Bicycle Pet Basket to Protect Your Pet

Bicycle Dog Basket

Taking a lot of road trips with your pet is a great way to bond with the furry creature. And these pet baskets can be installed or mounted in two equally effective options.

You can either have the pet bicycle basket in the front or at the back end portion of your bike, like the Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat.

And each type of pet basket or carrier comes with seat belts made with super strong materials; this means that you can enjoy your bike rides and not worry about your pet falling off the basket.

Choosing The Best Bicycle Pet Basket

Sure you can buy whatever type or brand of pet bicycle basket I can suggest, but if you do not know the different qualities or characteristics of a good pet carrier, you would not be able to find the one that suits your pet the best.

Bicycle Dog Basket

Consider the terrains or the kinds of roads where you will be taking bike rides. If you ride bikes mostly on concrete and smooth road sides, then any type would do. But if you intend to ride your bike on rough terrains and complicated bike trails and tag your pet along with you, then sturdier ones should be kept in mind when buying bicycle pet baskets.

The Sporty Dog Bike Basket, which comes in various colors, is the perfect example of a heavy duty bicycle pet carrier that’ safe and durable.

Tip: Avoid plastic pet baskets.

Bicycle Pet Basket

Wicker baskets are perfect for cost-conscious customers as they not only look good, but are also extremely strong and sturdy.

Plastic baskets, on the other hand, may be cheap, but they are liable to snap and injure your pet, especially if there is some sort of collision. Keep your pet safe by sticking to metal or wicker baskets and avoiding plastic ones.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Pet Basket?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle pet basket you can buy it on one of these trusted online stores:

Buying a Bicycle Pet Basket on eBay

Important Things That You Should Know

Aside from the wide range of bicycle baskets that you can choose from, there are several benefits that you can check out and may want to consider before making that purchase.

Since you have a pet basket for your pet, you can easily keep a close and watchful eye on your pet. Since tying him on leash and making him run after you can be pretty dangerous, having a carrier installed on your bike can be a great safety measure. But you have to also take note of the downside of having a pet basket.

Steering can be a bit difficult since your bike will be heavier with the addition of the basket and your pet of course. But if you purchase a kind that's lightweight, then your worries are completely over.

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