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A dog bike basket allows pet owners to take their loving canines with them wherever they go. Whether it's a quick errand or a Sunday morning ride, your precious pet can now share in the fun and, most importantly, do it safely.

Makeshift bicycle pet baskets are a risky proposition, and not something any responsible owner or cyclist should experiment with. Fortunately, however, many leading designers have devised ways to blend cycling and pet care into sleek, attractive, and secure baskets for your canine sidekicks.

These baskets also make great gifts for friends who love cycling and their pets, as the two often go hand in hand. Here's a look at some of the leading models.

Sample Products

Dog Bike Basket by Snoozer

Dog Bike Basket
Dog Bike Basket by Snoozer - This delightful bicycle basket for dogs redefines the phrase "bicycle built for two" and is sure to win you friendly smiles as you and your pooch glide through town. This basket securely attaches in front of you, linking to your handlebars and also just above your front fender, allowing you to observe both your pet and the road ahead with one look.

In addition to being safe, its microfiber design allows for easy cleaning and a comfortable cushion for your dog. Bonus features include a sleeve for a water bottle, side pocket, and optional hood in case of rain.

Solvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket

Dog Bike Basket
Solvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket - For a more classic look, this rattan-woven, sheepskin-lined basket evokes a rustic timelessness comparable to a Jack London novella. Aside from its sophisticated, vintage look this rattan craftwork allows for breathable comfort that is gently padded with sheepskin lining, like a cozy cabin for your dog to curl up in. The optional roof provides valuable shade, but is easy to detach depending on what the weather dictates.

This basket fastens with superior strength that won't interferer with your brakes or your overall cycling performance. Look no further for the ultimate blend of safety and style.

Snoozer Sporty Bike Basket

Dog Bike Basket
Snoozer Sporty Bike Basket - A more sporty option, this bicycle pet basket reflects the personality of a dog that's ready for adventure. Interior straps secure your pet to the bicycle dog carrier to prevent from jumping out or being tossed around, and the padded lining will keep her comfortable even if you cross shaky terrain. Several pockets and zippers create opportunities for storage, making this dog bike basket perfect for camping trips or long afternoons in the park.

Tip: Don't cycle with your dog in your basket until you're sure he can handle it.

Dog Bike Basket

No dog will be able to get used to sitting in a bicycle basket right away. To get him to even enter the basket and stay there, you'll probably need to employ a mixture of treats and threats.

If you take your dog on a bike ride in your bicycle basket before he's accustomed to riding in one, he might try to bail out halfway through the ride and that is dangerous for both of you. Make sure he's properly trained first.

Where to a Dog Bike Basket?

If you are interested in buying a dog bike basket you can buy it on one of these trusted online stores:


While these dog bike baskets are all excellent buys, it's important to consider whether your cycling friend has a dog that will appreciate going for a ride. Not all dogs have the courage and composer to travel this way. Chances are, however, that if you're considering this gift for a friend, their dog has an ambitious and adventurous spirit, always excited to see where they'll travel next.

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