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Bicycle Speedometers
Bicycle Speedometers
Bicycle Speedometers

Selected bicycle speedometers Online

When you come home exhausted from a long ride, it’s immensely satisfying to be able to tell your friends and family how far you’ve cycled, or how fast. But this is just the beginning. If you are in a bicycle training program for a specific goal, like a race, it is important to see if you’ve improved, and how you’ve improved. Bicycle speedometers are designed just for that.

A bicycle odometer can offer valuable data you can use to keep track of how many kilometers or miles you’ve been cycling in a week, and whether or not you’re becoming a faster rider. Some computers even keep track of your heart rate. This can be an invaluable indicator, not only telling you how hard you are working but also if you are overtraining.

Whether you’re curious to see how many miles you’ve traveled, or you are keeping track of split speed averages for your training, bicycle speedometers will give you the information you need at a glance.

How It Works

Bicycle Speedometers

Basically, bicycle speedometers work with a magnet attached to the front spoke, which trips the switch that is mounted on the fork every single time it passes the switch. This switch is called the reed switch, which is a hermetically sealed tube that contains two overlapping reeds that are made up of a magnetic material. As the bicycle wheel turns, the magnet installed on the spoke passes by the reed switch and an electromagnetic signal is generated.

The signal is passed either by wire or via a wireless transmission to a computer unit that is mounted on the bicycle handlebars. The computer calculates various parameters, such as current speed and total distance traveled. If you are interested to learn more about how bicycle speedometers work you are invited to visit eHow.com.

Bicycle Speedometer Features

For a casual mountain biker, a basic model that indicates current and average speed along with total distance may be ideal. However, for individual training for racing or triathlon, a more advanced, sophisticated model may be required. There are even high-end models that are equipped with GPS to assist in navigation as well as a heart-rate monitor. Below is a list of features that will help you select the best bicycle speedometer to meet your needs.

  • Current Speed – This feature is mostly found in all types of bicycle speedometers and computers. It is designed to aid with pacing.
  • Tip: Don't fixate on your speedometer.

    Bicycle Speedometers

    Bicycle speedometers are the most precise way of measuring the amount of physical work you've done, but if you keep glancing at your speedometer every few seconds, you may get discouraged at how slowly the numbers are increasing.

    Check your speedometer at infrequent intervals. That way, you can appreciate the sights around you and focus on enjoying your ride rather than bringing the numbers on your speedometer up.

  • Average Speed - This function records and calculates your average speed. For training or fitness purposes, you can use this to gradually increase your average speed biking over the same route to work on increasing your anaerobic threshold.
  • Maximum Speed - This feature is highly beneficial for downhill racers.
  • Trip Distance - This feature is highly beneficial when following a specified route. By determining your past mileage, you will be able to study and strategically increase training loads over time.
  • Odometer - The function is designed to indicate the number of miles your bike has traveled. This can be very handy in determining when your bicycle needs some maintenance work, such as replacing the bicycle chain.
  • Cadence - This feature is designed to measure your total number of pedal revolutions per minute. This will help you determine and choose the optimum gear to achieve pedaling efficiency.
  • Stopwatch - If you are planning to incorporate sprints into your workout, a stopwatch can prove very handy. It can help you increase overall cardiovascular and muscle strength as well as enhance endurance. Certain models feature an auto start/stop function so only the time spent on the saddle is measured.
  • Altimeter - This feature measures the highs and lows of the cycling ride. This can be very useful when training for a specific race or when monitoring the elevation of the cycling tour.
  • Clock - Works like an ordinary clock that reflects the time. Some models are also equipped with alarms.

Buying A Bicycle Speedometer

Wired Versus Wireless

When choosing a speedometer, you can either purchase a wired or a wireless bicycle computer. The latest models of bicycle speedometers are available in two varieties: the wired and wireless, both of which work the same way although the wired bicycle speedometers are known to be cheaper.

  • The wired variety is ideal for regular riders who don't need their bicycle speedometers adjusted before use. With attached wires, wired speedometers need to be fitted with extra care to avoid tangling or interfering with your biking
  • Wireless bicycle computers can be mounted to different bikes, which is handy if you need to switch bikes. Wireless bicycle computers can also be used as a pedometer that you can carry around if you are not biking. This portable type of speedometer is also popular among casual and urban riders who want to avoid the possibility of theft.

Bicycle Speedometers
Bicycle Speedometers

Wired Bicycle Speedometers

Wireless Bicycle Speedometers


I would recommend choosing a speedometer that can interact easily with your laptop or smartphone. This feature allows you to download your data for tracking and analysis. If you are keen on keeping track of your progress and training, or if you have specific goals, you should consider investing in a device that has this feature.

Other Factors To Consider

  1. Choose a speedometer with the right screen size and font that allows easy readability while biking.
  2. Test for visibility. The screen should be visible even under the sun's glare.
  3. Choose buttons that are easy to operate even while wearing gloves.
  4. If you are a regular biker, consider features that you may likely use as you improve your skills and move into serious bicycle training.
  5. If your bike features oversized suspension forks, choose a speedometer that can comfortably fit.

Sample Bicycle Speedometers

Sigma BC 06131 Cadence Bicycle Speedometer

Bicycle Speedometers

This is a wireless variety designed for cyclists in training. When you are training for an important race, you can never suffer from too much information. The Sigma BC06131 Cadence bicycle has all the important functions.

The device is capable of displaying current speed, average speed as well as maximum speed. It is also equipped with a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and a riding time calculator. Optional features include cadence measurement and total and current trip distance. This speedometer is compatible with most online PC software on the market.

Schwinn 20-Function Bike Computer

Bicycle Speedometers

If you are serious about improving your workout efficiency when cycling, the Schwinn 20-function speedometer presents a smart investment.

It is designed to easily and securely attach to the bike's handlebar with a computer that is capable of tracking speed, time, distance, and even the number of calories burned. It is designed for people who engage in biking as part of their fitness routine. It also comes with a backlit screen to ensure easy viewing.

Bell Dashboard Multi-Function Cyclocomputer

Bicycle Speedometers

This Bicycle speedometer comes with 12 functions and is not so expensive. It is also easy to install and is designed to be weather-resistant, making it an ideal outdoor companion for all-year-round biking.

It comes with an odometer, trip, timer, and trip distance as well as a 12-hour and 24-hour format, scan, and auto start/stop functions.

Tip: Analyze the data for a more complete performance picture

Bicycle Speedometers

When shopping for a bicycle speedometer, ensure that it supports easy data transfer onto your computer. You will want to record the data figures over an extended period and come up with a reliable analysis of trends.

USB connections and PC software compatibility are essential in this regard.

Where to Buy Bicycle Speedometers?

If you are interested in buying bicycle speedometers you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Buying Bicycle Speedometers Online

Bike GPS Computer MTB Smart Wireless Waterproof Speedometer Bicycle Odometer (New - 104.64 USD)Bike GPS Computer MTB Smart Wireless Waterproof Speedometer Bicycle Odometer
(New - 104.64 USD)
GPS Bike Computer Wireless Bicycle Speedometer Odometer LCD Display Waterproof (New - 103.29 USD)GPS Bike Computer Wireless Bicycle Speedometer Odometer LCD Display Waterproof
(New - 103.29 USD)
Cycle Computer Support For Wireless Speedometer Odometer Waterproof Bicycle New (New - 92.6 USD)Cycle Computer Support For Wireless Speedometer Odometer Waterproof Bicycle New
(New - 92.6 USD)
GPS Bicycle Computer Cycling Speedometer Speed Odometer Waterproof Bluetooth ANT (New - 76.18 USD)GPS Bicycle Computer Cycling Speedometer Speed Odometer Waterproof Bluetooth ANT
(New - 76.18 USD)

How To Mount A Bicycle Speedometer?

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