Bicycle Water Bottle Cage

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Bicycle Water Bottle Cage
Bicycle water
bottle cage

Water is essential for riding any distances. I highly recommend that you carry an extra water bottle with you as you go cycling. A bicycle water bottle cage will hols your bicycle water bottle and will keep it secured in its place. It will be attached to the main frame of your bike, and it can be made of anything, including carbon fiber and titanium to stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic.

The most common place for a bicycle water bottle holder is on the down tube. Your bike may even have space for 2 cages, but most small mountain bikes come with space for just one bottle. If you have a touring bike, then you will find location to hold third bicycle water bottle as well, and tandem bikes have places for up to 6 bottles of water!

Different styles of a water bottle cage

Tip: Water bottle cages are extra-important on long rides.

Bicycle Water Bottle Cage

When you're only cycling for a couple of hours, stopping once in a while to have a drink is no big deal.

If you're cycling for a whole day, however, those frequent water breaks can put you severely behind schedule. A water bottle cage gives you ready access to your water bottle, minimizing the need for stops.

Though most bicycle water bottle cages come in single hoops of metal wires, there are some that come with double hoping as well. These metal wires are covered with tubing that bends in such a way that it can contain the water bottle easily.

There are different varieties, and some might just provide a base to hold the bottle, while others may completely surround it. Since these cages are not very strong, you cannot put heavy things in there.

How to attach a bicycle water bottle cage?

  • Check the seat tube, and you will notice two screws on the front part of the down tube.

  • Use an Allen wrench and unscrew them.

  • Place the bicycle water bottle holder at its proper place.

  • Line up the cage against the holes and screw the cage on its place.

There! It's all done! All you need to do now is to fill your water bottle and put it in the cage.

Though you cannot use the cage to hold anything heavy, but when you are riding at night time, and you need bicycle lights, then the cage can be used to hold cylindrical battery. It can also carry tire pumps to use when you get a flat tire.

These cages come in various sizes and the best material you can get is carbon fiber, since cages made of this material are not just durable and flexible, but also great looking.

Other Options

If you do not want to fit a water bottle cage on your bike, then you can hold the bottle in your cycling backpack as well. And if you do not want to carry a water bottle, then you can get a hydration backpack. There are many options and you can select the one that suits your needs.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Water Bottle Cage?

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