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Find a Bicycle Water Bottle Cage Online

When you buy a bicycle you will find that some come with a water bottle cage already fitted. However, you can also find aftermarket cages for bikes that come without one fitted. The water bottle cage is used to hold the water bottle securely during riding. On most bicycles, the water bottle cage is usually fitted on the down tube, either on the upward or downward-facing side. In some cases, it can be fitted on the seat tube, just below the bicycle saddle. These locations are used because they offer easy and convenient access during bicycle riding.

Different Water Bottle Cage Designs

Bicycle water bottle cages are integral in most long-distance cycling applications. Over the years different designs have been created depending on the bicycle design and riding needs. Water bottle cages come in a variety of designs meant to help them serve their purpose even better. Some employ a minimalist design characterized by a bottom part to hold the water bottle while others are extensive, covering most of the bottle’s surface. When shopping for a water bottle cage take time to examine the available designs to find the best fit.

Mounted a Water Bottle Cage

Water bottle cages are usually attached on the bicycle cage using screws in threaded holes on the bike frame referred to as braze-ons.

Did you Know?...

Bicycle Water Bottle Cage

Did you know that bicycle water bottle cages are made with different materials?

When you go out shopping for a water bottle cage, you will find a variety of different products made using different materials. Carbon fiber water bottles are among the lightest and strongest cages available. However they come at a high price. Consider you needs before choosing the option that best responds to them.

  • First begin by locating the braze-ons located on the bike frame. These will determine where the water bottle cage will be located.

  • Unscrew the screws you find in the braze-ons using the relevant bicycle repair kit tool.

  • Place the bottle holder on the bike frame, with the screw holes on both being directly aligned. Once this is done screw the cage to the bike frame tightly.

  • Once this is done you can fill up your water bottle and place it in the cage and you are good to go.

Where you find that you have a water bottle cage in place but have no use for a water bottle, you can use the cage to carry other things such as battery packs, portable bicycle pumps among others. However, keep in mind that the cage is not too strong and maybe damaged when carrying heavy loads.

Water Bottle Cage Alternatives

Sometimes, you may feel like mounting a water bottle cage on your bicycle will clutter the bike frame. If you are looking to keep your bike frame as simple as possible, you can alternatively use a cycling backpack to carry water bottles or a hydration backpack in place of water bottles.

Tip: Water bottle cages are extra-important on long rides.

Bicycle Water Bottle Cage

When you're only cycling for a couple of hours, stopping once in a while to have a drink is no big deal.

If you're cycling for a whole day, however, those frequent water breaks can put you severely behind schedule. A water bottle cage gives you ready access to your water bottle, minimizing the need for stops.

Where to Buy Bicycle Water Bottle Cage?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle water bottle cage you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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