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Find the Right Bicycle Water Bottle Online

A bicycle water bottle is one of the must-have items that I carry with me whenever I go bike riding. I carry a lot of things with me, but this one is very important: it prevents me from getting dehydrated! When we exercise, we start sweating, and consequently, our body loses a lot of water. If you lose too much water, your body can become dehydrated. Since this is not a healthy state, it is best to keep a water bottle with you at all times while cycling.

Though bicycle water bottles are good, but they aren't the only solution to your bicycle hydration needs. You can get hydration cycling backpack as well that will contain water. But if you are going on a short distance trip and you do not want to carry a cycling backpack, then a water bottle is what will keep you fit.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Water Bottle

Did you know that using a recycled plastic bottle as a water bottle can poison you in the long run?

If you take an old plastic soda bottle and place it in your backpack while you cycle, the plastic will begin to melt in the hot sunlight and pollute your drinking water. Always invest in a proper water bottle for your cycling trips. You don't want to be drinking plastic!

Where to Keep It?

If your bike does not come with a bicycle water bottle holder or a water bottle cage, then you can get one fixed. It is a small cage that will hold your bottle as you ride your bike. Carrying a bottle is not a problem- just make sure you have it filled with fresh water before you begin cycling.

There are many things that you need to keep in mind while going to buy a water bottle.

1. The distance of the trip

Do you plan another one of your bicycling tours? How far will you travel without stopping? This becomes an important deciding factor, along with your speed. If you go on a higher speed, you will tire earlier and would need water sooner. Take this point into consideration and you will know how many bottles you will need - along with the size of the bottles.

2. Weather

It is an obvious fact that you will feel thirstier if you go out on a sunny day, rather than if you go out when it's cloudy. If you are riding when the sun is strong, you will need more bottles - and big ones too.

3. Space

If you are thinking about adding more bottles because you are going on a long trip, just check if you can fit more bottle cages to your cycle or not. If you have space for just one cage, then it is best to carry one big bottle rather than 2 small ones.

There are basically two types of cycling water bottles:

  • Insulated
  • Not insulated

The insulated ones will hold a bit less water (because of their insulation) and will keep the water at its original temperature, while the not insulated ones will hold more water and the temperature will change according to the weather conditions. So the choice is yours.

You can find these bottles in a wide variety of materials: plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel etc. If you want to get a bicycle hydration bottle for your kid, you will more often than not, get it in plastic. They will come in bright colors and designs.

A bicycle water bottle generally has a sipper with it - so you can drink water without opening it. This makes it very convenient to drink water if you have taken a short break.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Water Bottle

Did you know that cycling water bottles come with different drinking valves?

The two main drinking valve types are the bite down and the pull and push valve. The latter tends to be more popular as it is easier to use while still cycling. On the other hand it tends to be leaky as it does not close tightly. Choose one that you are comfortable using.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Water Bottle?

If you are interested in buying bicycle water bottles you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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Sample Cycling Water Bottles and Cages

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