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Child Bicycle Helmet
Child Bicycle Helmet
Child Bicycle Helmet

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A child bicycle helmet is the most important bike accessory you could ever buy for your child. Cycling is a very safe sport in general, but that doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility to ensure that your child is well-protected in the event of a fall. The head is the most vulnerable part of the human body, so when you’re putting together a set of protective cycling gear for your child, getting a great helmet should be your prime consideration.

Flashy Bicycle Helmets for Kids

Tip: Use additional padding to provide a better fit

Child Bicycle Helmet

If your child has an extra small head, and you are having trouble finding a helmet that will fit. You can use some extra padding to fill in some of the space left. However, this should only be done where the space to be filled is minimal.

If you're having trouble getting your child to wear his helmet, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. In general, children find helmets annoying and obstructive and will tend to whine the first few times they don a helmet.

One reason is they do not yet understand the importance of protective gear. Since most children are fairly image-conscious, one great way to get your kid to wear his child's bicycle helmet is to buy him a flashy one with a striking design. If he thinks he looks "cool'' in it, he's much more likely to wear it.

Helmet Colors

  • If you know what kind of colors your child favors, try to buy helmets in those colors. Remember that your child probably associates certain colors with specific genders, so make sure you don't buy your son a pink helmet - he'll never wear it.
  • Keep in mind that a child's favorite color usually changes fairly often. A young boy, for example, may be attracted to baby blue, but as he grows older, the color may be seen as too childish and he may opt for safer and more "grown-up colors'' like black.

Favorite Characters

Tip: Use O-rings to lock your child's helmet straps in place.

Child Bicycle Helmet

With some bicycle helmets, the helmet straps will loosen after every ride, ruining that perfect fit you worked so hard to achieve.

If your child's helmet belongs to this category, buy some O-rings and slide them right up against the buckle when the helmet straps have been properly adjusted. This will keep them in place.

Must-Have Safety Features

A helmet must look great, but the helmet isn't going to be much use if it doesn't have any safety features. Here are a couple of safety features you need to look out for.

Good Ventilation

  • Helmets with poor ventilation can be very hot and stuffy. Since children have a lower threshold for discomfort, you can expect them to cry and whine if their helmet is poorly ventilated, and not without reason - helmets with no vents can cause heat injury in very hot weather.
  • A good child bicycle helmet should have vents on both the front and sides so that air can circulate within the helmet and keep your kid's scalp and hair cool.

Interior Padding

  • Interior padding doesn't just make the helmet more comfortable. It also improves the level of protection the helmet offers by absorbing shock in the event of a fall, making it one of the most important safety features a helmet could ever have.
  • An example of a material that is effective as interior padding would be polystyrene foam. There should be just enough padding to get the job done as padding that is too thick can make the helmet tight and uncomfortable.

The Importance of Helmet Fit

Researchers have found that helmets are effective in preventing head injuries at least 85 percent of the time - when worn correctly. Part of wearing a helmet "correctly" involves achieving a great fit. Buying a child bicycle helmet of the right size will ensure that your child enjoys the maximum possible head protection.

Why Bother Getting a Good Fit?

  • Visibility:

    • When a helmet is too large, it tends to obstruct your child's vision The straps or the front of the helmet may block his field of vision which can be extremely dangerous as it impedes his ability to see and evade road hazards.
    • Imagine cycling with one eye closed - that's how much a loose bicycle helmet can affect your vision!

  • Protection:

    • A helmet cushions your child's head against hard blows. If the helmet is too loose, your child's head will bounce off the inside of the helmet if he falls off his bike and this may cause injury.
  • Comfort:

    • Tight helmets can make your child feel dizzy. A dizzy child and a bicycle are never a good combination.

Buying a Child Bicycle Helmet Online

Smith Forefront 2 MIPS Bike Helmet Adult Small (51-55 cm) Archive Wild Child New (New - 250 USD)Smith Forefront 2 MIPS Bike Helmet Adult Small (51-55 cm) Archive Wild Child New
(New - 250 USD)
Teach Your Child How to Ride. First Ride for Kids 2-6. Includes Bike. Helmet, Pa (New - 149.99 USD)Teach Your Child How to Ride. First Ride for Kids 2-6. Includes Bike. Helmet, Pa
(New - 149.99 USD)
Helmet Child Pocito Crane Mips Blue POC Bike Blue M (New - 130.36 USD)Helmet Child Pocito Crane Mips Blue POC Bike Blue M
(New - 130.36 USD)
Helmet Child Pocito Omne Mips Fluorescent Yellow/Green POC Bike (New - 130.17 USD)Helmet Child Pocito Omne Mips Fluorescent Yellow/Green POC Bike
(New - 130.17 USD)
Helmet Child Pocito Crane Mips Pink POC Bike (New - 129.96 USD)Helmet Child Pocito Crane Mips Pink POC Bike
(New - 129.96 USD)


Child bicycle helmets are an essential investment for avid child cyclists. Keep your child safe on the roads with a good helmet.

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