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Recording your surroundings while out for a ride on your bike has become a lot easier with a GoPro Camera. This is an HD professional-grade helmet-mounted camera with a resolution of up to 1080p. It can shoot moving images of up to sixty frames per second at 720p and its WVGA resolution offers smoother and clearer slow-mo playback. And with its variable mounting kits, you can easily mount the camera on virtually any types of surfaces.

General Information

GoPro is considered as one of the most versatile video cameras even if it is relatively new in the market. It is weatherproof which means you can mount it on your camera and ride your bike regardless of the weather. This is also the camera of choice of extreme motocross and trail riders due to its versatility and clear images regardless of the terrain.

So How Good is The GoPro Camera?


The GoPro camera is a full HD video and audio recorder with three different image resolutions to choose from. This provides you three filming approaches so you can capture the most appropriate angle for any type of activity. Its 1080p resolution can give you an angle of up to 127 degrees at thirty frames per second with a 16:9 aspect ratio while at 960p you can already enjoy a wider 170 degrees angle with a 4:3 aspect ratio. At 720p, you can also enjoy 170 degrees angle at thirty or sixty frames per second with 16:9 aspect ratio similar to 1080p.

Sound Quality

In reality, GoPro manufacturers invested a lot in developing the best sound system for the camera. Regardless of the wind condition, you can barely hear the howling wind when recording with GoPro cameras. Developers associate this breakthrough to obsessive audio engineering that makes it one of the best helmets mounted cameras in the market.

Size And Shape

Although GoPro cameras may not appear as aerodynamic as other brands, its compact size and square shape do not affect your performance while biking.

Field of View

With three resolution modes, this helmet-mounted camera offers varied fields of view that range from 127 degrees to 170 degrees with varied aspect ratios depending on your choice of resolution.

Ease of Use

What makes this a versatile helmet-mounted camera is due to its ease of use. From operation to installation, you do not have to fuss over just to make it work like you want to. And with six different helmet mounts to choose from, it means you can use your GoPro on virtually any type of surface.


The GoPro camera is water-resistant and shockproof thanks to its fully developed, heavy-duty polycarbonate exoskeletal housing. This model can also withstand the depths of the water up to 180 feet or 60 meters.

Construction and Durability

The GoPro camera is shockproof and weatherproof thanks to high-quality materials used on its production. This helmet-mounted camera is designed for varied conditions which means it is are more resistant to dirt, is waterproof, and can withstand vibration and even an unexpected impact.

Wired or Wireless?

This is a wireless camera using 32GB SD Card that can store video recording of more than 8 hours on HD setting.

Type of Battery

The GoPro camera uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. When fully charged to 100%, it can record videos of up to two and a half hours.

Where to Buy a GoPro Camera?

If you are interested in buying a GoPro camera you can buy it on one of these trusted online stores:

Last Word About The GoPro Camera

One of the reasons why GoPro cameras are very popular today is due to its versatility. Also, it offers varied resolution selection with three different fields of view and aspect ratios. Although this might seem a bit expensive for some, it provides good value for your money with the quality of recordings you are guaranteed to get.

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