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Share the joy of cycling with your child with bicycle trailers

A Trail a Bike fills that gap in a young cyclist’s development where they’re too old for some kind of bicycle child seat, but still not ready to bike on her own. If you are a parent who enjoys cycling, you naturally want to enjoy this healthy and fun recreational activity with your children.

One great way to make that possible is by installing a tandem bicycle trailer that easily transforms a simple bike into a multi-seater bike for you and your child.

Tandem bikes are ideal for parents with child ages 4 to 5, or even younger ones as long as they are able to sit on the saddle. If you are exploring different areas or enjoy this recreational activity, it is far safer to use a Trail a Bike to ensure your child is cycling safely under your direction, instead of allowing him/her to bike independently.

Most models of tandem trailer bikes can be used for children up to 8 or 9 years old. Modern designs typically come with an adjustable tow bar and seat post that can easily accommodate growth. It is important to note that for children riding tandem bikes, their weights should not be more than half of the weight of the adult, otherwise, you will find it difficult to maneuver.

Buying Tandem Bicycle Trailers


Trailer cycles are designed to be attached to the towing bike through a dedicated hitch or a rear rack installed on the Seatpost. It is highly recommended that you choose a rack-mounting trailer handle instead of the Seatpost-mounted one. It can be difficult to adjust the seat post-mounted since overly tight ones can cause the trailer not to properly articulate and overly lose one can give slop or a play at the joints, rocking it from side to side. Choose a rack-mounted trailer that is capable of pivoting vertically and horizontally on its ball bearings.


It can be quite tricky to handle bicycle tandem trailers because of the weight of the one on the trailer can pull, push, or twist the towing bike. If the attachment system is substandard, the problem can be exaggerated, causing great discomfort. To minimize this problem, choose the rack-fixing models. It is also recommended to choose wider flat bars to gain and maintain better control.


Make sure that the towing cycle is equipped with a mudguard or a mud-flap to prevent the bike from spraying dirt water on the child seated on the trailer. Installing a crud guard is also recommended if it does not come with one.

Size Adjustment

The trailer cycle should have a great range of adjustment to accommodate the growing child./ Ideally, it should have a quick-release seat post to make it easier for children of different sizes to use the same trailer cycle.

Tip: Make sure your kid pulls his weight.

Trail a Bike

A Trail a Bike is effectively a stepping stone to independent biking. Make sure your child understands that and does his best to pedal during your tandem bike rides. Otherwise, he may get used to relying on you to move the bicycle and he'll never have the motivation to learn to cycle on his own.

Suggestions for a Tandem Bicycle Trailers

Tandem bicycle trailers help entire families get out of the house and hit the road together. If you're hoping to extend the joy of your bike rides, here are some leading tandem bicycle trailer models to choose from.

Adams Trail a Bike - Original Folder

Trail a Bike

Adams has the perfect transitional bike option for your 4 to 6 year old children that have moved on from their bike trailers but aren't ready for bikes of their own.

Children up to 85 pounds can follow your lead, riding along in a their own bike seat with their own wheel and have an option to pedal without altering your performance or level of safety.

Comes with kid grips, bicycle safety flag, and steel hitch. This remake of the original 1986 tandem bicycle trailer design has long been one of the staples of a happy, cycling family.

WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

Trail a Bike

This offering from WeeRide is another great tool to get your child's cycling feet wet. The look and feel of this model is like authentic, as if your child is actually riding a bicycle with you.

However, this trail-a-bike does not have any brake capability, preventing the child from locking up the wheels. Even so, your child will love being a co-pilot and observing how safely you cruise around the neighborhood.

Trail-Gator Child Bike Tow Bar

Trail a Bike

If your child is a little more advanced and nearly read to transition into riding independently, this may be just the trail-a-bike model to take your child to the next level.

This bar connects an actual child bike to yours, allowing your child to feel independent while still being towed by you. This bar lifts your child's front wheel off the ground and stabilizes the handlebars so that you stay in control and that your child stays in line.

Tip: Use a tandem trailer to get your child into cycling

Tandem Bike Trailer

Children who are carried around in a tandem trailer before they are able to begin cycling by themselves are able to learn that cycling is one of the main ways of getting around. They are also able to learn how to pedal and use the road earlier.

These lessons can help them develop affection for cycling and the necessary confidence to get into it as soon as possible.

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Trail a Bike
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Trail a Bike

Last Word about Trail a Bikes

The time when children need a trail-a-bike is priceless. After all, it's only a matter of time before they go off on their own. The time where they still need your guidance and will follow your every move is a precious one. Take a look at my youngest son and I spending a lovely morning near my home - thanks to our bicycle tow bar:

Trail a Bike

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