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Biker Head Gear
Biker Head Gear
Biker Head Gear

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As we all know, the main biker head gear is our helmet. It is by far the most important cycling equipment – a “must have” for every cyclist.

Did you know...?

Biker Head Gear

Did you know that when your sweat is trapped on your skin and cannot evaporate, it starts to leech away your body heat?

This may cause hypothermia, especially in very wintry conditions. That's why it's important that any head gear you buy (Headbands, Helmet Liners and Balaclavas) is made of moisture-wicking fabric. This type of fabric wicks your sweat away from your skin and speeds up the evaporation process.

Yet, there are some other biking head gears that can be wear under the helmet. They can be of your help in the cold winter days, as well as in the hot summers. The climate in most countries and states allows us to ride all year round. During the winter your head and ears need protection from the cold. While riding you will feel that the temperature is even cooler, due to the "wind factor".

During the hot and humid summer days sweating in the forehead quickly becoming a safety hazard ecological hazard as it drips to the eyes and interrupting normal vision. There will always be people who say there is no solution. Biker head gears such as headbands, skulls and balaclavas may not be suitable for all riders, but is suitable for most of them. A word of caution - you may become completely addicted to your biker head gear!


The problem of seating in the forehead is getting worse if you wear glasses: they may be covered by the sweat. Thanks to god and to the evolution created shielded for our eyes (called eyebrows), but in some very hot and humid days they are just not enough. To solve (or reduce) this problem, cycling headbands comes to our help. Take a look at the Pearl Izumi Transfer Headband. From my experience this and similar headbands will block the sweat perfectly.

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Helmet Liners (Skulls)

Helmet liners, sometimes called beanies or skull caps, are headcovers designed to fit snugly on your head underneath your bike helmet. They are crafted from wicking fabrics that will cool you in the heat of warm weather or trap your body heat in cold weather.

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Biking Caps

Also designed to fit underneath a helmet, biking caps look like baseball caps in that they have a peek at the front. They serve many different functions. First, like a regular cap, they are effective in keeping direct sunlight from your eyes. If you’re bald, a biking cap can keep your scalp from being toasted in summer should you have a ventilated helmet on. Secondly, like headbands, they work to keep sweat and rainwater from trickling into your eyes. Another role this kind of biker headgear can play is keeping your head warm when riding in cooler conditions.

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A balaclava is a type of knitted hat that covers the entire head, exposing only the eyes and mouth or a small portion of the face. Biking balaclavas can help protect your face from the cold. They are generally used in extreme weather conditions.

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Where to Buy Biker Head Gear?

If you are interested in buying biker head gear you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Biker Head Gear
Biker Head Gear
Biker Head Gear

Last Word About Biker Head Gear

Whether you are a beginner biker or an expert, you should protect your head while you ride. Be sure to choose the best bicycle helmet that fits your head properly, and learn how to keep your head cool in the summer and warm in the winter with the right headcover.

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and dance like no one is watching."

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