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Cycling Gloves
Cycling Gloves
Cycling Gloves

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If you are to follow the classic track, you will start bicycle riding without wearing any cyclist gloves at all, but eventually you will end up buying one, two or even several pairs of bike riding gloves. Bicycling gloves come in different styles and designs. Their functionality also varies. Though it may be tempting to buy the most expensive brand on the market, decide what purpose they serve for you so you know what type of cycling gloves to purchase.

Functions of Bicycle Gloves

Gloves are used for the most basic necessities, mainly comfort, protection, and thermoregulation.


Long bicycle rides definitely create strain on the hands of the avid bicycle rider. Cyclist gloves are useful in a number of ways and comfort is one of them. Depending on the cyclist’s posture or bicycle specifications, the strain can be placed on bony prominences or soft tissues.


Another function of bicycling gloves is protection. Gloves will, when the time comes, protect the cyclist from scratches or abrasions in the case of a bicycle accident. They also maintain the skins integrity by preventing callus formation on the hands.


When your hands are holding the bicycle handlebars during cold days, they are in a static position, which reduces muscle activity. Cycling gloves are designed for thermoregulation, or warming up the hands.

Tip: Glove selection involves a trade-off between dexterity and warmth.

Cycling Gloves

As you know, the warmer a glove, the thicker it is. The thicker a glove, the lesser dexterity it offers. Thus, you need to ensure that any glove you choose offers plenty of insulation while allowing you to maintain as much dexterity and control over your bicycle as possible.

Types of Bicycle Gloves

The types of bicycling gloves vary with design and additional functions. Each type has different applications.

Half-Fingered Cycling Gloves

Cycling Gloves
These bicycle gloves are also known as track mitts.

They provide the three basic functions of gloves and are usually worn during summer. The fabric used to make fingerless biking gloves also varies. These are my favorite year-round bike riding gloves.

Full-Fingered Gloves

Cycling Gloves
These are a bit bulkier than normal cycling gloves. This type of gloves provides extra warmth, as they are made of a different fabric than fingerless biking gloves. To warm your hands even further, an inner glove may be used together with winter gloves. This is mainly important if you are into snow biking

If winter gloves are not enough to provide the heat that you expect, and you insist to go riding, then you can go ahead and use heated cycling gloves. These gloves are made especially for motorcyclists, and have a built-in heating mechanism (mainly battery powered cycling gloves).

Cycling Mitts

Cycling Gloves
These are also known as lobster mitts as they only have three pockets for fingers. This allows the fingers of the cyclist to stay together, thus providing more heat.

Where to Buy Cycling Gloves?

If you are interested in buying cycling gloves you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Cycling Gloves
Cycling Gloves
Cycling Gloves

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Last Word About Bicycle Gloves

Cycling gloves have served the purposes of cyclists for many years and have continued to evolve in both design and function. A distinction between womens cycling gloves and men's gloves is also evident. Bicycle gloves will always remain a necessity in bicycle riding for safety, and style.

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