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cycling sandals
Very special cycling sandals

During my younger years I used to ride a bicycle with only a pair of rubber slippers, and this was the cause of countless abrasions on my calves and shins. When I grew older, I found out that bike riding shoes were the new thing and that they were to make bicycle riding safer and more comfortable. Since then, I have been using cycling shoes and have found them to provide satisfactory results.

There is Something about Cycling Sandals

Bike riding sandals are of a different breed. They are not the same as ordinary sandals because they have the design and capability to adhere to bicycle pedals. Though both shoes and sandals adhere to bicycle pedals, they have tremendous differences in use and performance.

Tip: It's okay to wear socks with cycling sandals.

Cycling Sandals

If you find that your calves and ankles get chafed when you're biking with cycling sandals, slip on a pair of socks - you may look silly, but it's better than getting painful abrasions all over your legs. Having a pair of cycling socks on hand also ensures you'll be well-prepared for sudden changes in weather.

Trying to cycle in sandals while chilly winds are freezing your bare feet is no fun at all!

Cycling shoes have been with us for a long time and they have performed fairly well especially during winter months, when the cyclist needs protection and cover from the relentless freezing elements.

Nowadays, cycling has gone from pure sport to both sport and leisure. This means that more and more people have converted from being couch potatoes to nature-loving, exercise-craving human beings.

They, or should I say we, have embraced all the advantages of bicycle riding. A number of individuals love riding on forest trails. Some love to go biking on the beach, and others love to ride cross-country. There are so many factors that come into play when we talk about bicycle riding in these scenarios. This is where bicycling sandals come in.

Where and When You Can Use Cycling Sandals

Forest trails have been a great avenue for bicycle riding and have been on every cyclist's to-do list. During a bicycle ride through the forest, it is not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where you need to cross a small stream or where you would like to take a short dip in a lake. Bike riding sandals come in handy because you do not need to take them off, nor would you be afraid to get your bicycling socks wet. Sandals provide practicality and comfort because they decrease time-consuming actions.

Beach riding is also a great way to enjoy your bike but, as with any other venue, there are always situations where you would normally have to take off your cycling shoes. But this will never be the case with bicycling sandals.

What is on the beach that most kids do not like? It is sand and water or a mixture of both inside their shoes.

Well, with cycling sandals, this mixture is fairly easy to rinse off. And for most of the part, your feet and sandals will be exposed to air, therefore drying them easily, which makes it a piece of cake to rid yourself of that excess sand stuck between your toes.

For people who have been preparing for bicycling tours for months on end are ready to take that bike and set it free on the open road, nothing is any match for your bike riding sandals as they provide absolute comfort from rain or sun. If the cyclist is trying to conserve time and energy, then taking a bath in those cycling sandals is ok - you never need to take them off.

Cycling Sandals vs. Cycling Shoes

Cycling Sandals Cycling Shoes
Open Yes No
Comfortable Yes Yes
Can wear in summer Yes No
Can wear in water Yes No
Can wear in mud Yes No
Protects from cold No Yes

From this comparison, I would say that if you want to invest in one thing - shoes or sandals - I would pick sandals. But if you have some extra money, buy a pair of bike riding shoes as well.

Cycling sandals have come and have decided to stay. During warm months, cycling shoes just don't cut it. During cold weather, it is easy to stay dry and warm with bike riding sandals, as some of them may come with fleece socks. They are the ultimate in cycling footwear. If you wish to be at the top of your game without worrying about what you are wearing, then bicycling sandals are for you.

Did you know...?

Cycling Sandals

Cycling sandals are a great idea for winter riding or riding in wet conditions. This is thanks to their ability to dry very quickly as compared to regular biking shoes. You only need to be careful to put on a pair of waterproof socks over your feet.

Where to Buy Cycling Sandals?

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Bicycling Sandals Online

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