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Cycling Socks
Cycling Socks
Cycling Socks

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Most of us know that there are unspoken rules when it comes to cycling clothes: certain outfits are only appropriate in certain situations.

Just as you wouldn’t wear the same outfit to a nightclub and to the office, you shouldn’t ride your bike without the proper clothing and cycling equipment – right down to your bike riding shoes and socks.

These days, it seems like there are special socks available for every sport imaginable, and you’re probably wondering if you actually need special bicycling socks when you climb onto your bike.

While it’s true that special mountain biking socks aren’t one hundred percent necessary – you can ride your bike wearing any old socks that you already have in your dresser – it’s in your best interest to purchase a few pairs of biking socks. I used to think biking socks weren’t necessary, until I realized that my sweaty feet were rubbing against the back of my shoes so badly every single time I went out for a bike ride that I’d always wind up with blisters.

Bicycling Socks are Different from Regular Socks

Ideally, you shouldn’t even notice that you’re wearing biking socks. You just want them to keep your feet warm when you’re riding in cool weather, and you want them to keep your feet cool when you’re riding in warm weather. Keep these things in mind when considering biking socks:

  • An appropriate pair of bicycling socks will wick away moisture, just as bicycling jerseys and bicycling shorts do.
  • Cycling socks often provide light padding where it’s needed.
  • Biking socks are often thinner in certain spots and stretchy in certain spots where a lot of movement will occur.
  • Biking socks will help prevent blisters on your feet.

Styles and Types of Cycling Socks

Short Cycling Socks

Cycling Socks
Biking socks typically tend to be rather short – they’re usually approximately ankle height. The Giro Classic Racer Low Socks is one exampe. Some cyclists do prefer their biking socks slightly longer, but that may lead to unsightly tan lines if you ride in the bright summer sun.

Coolmax Cycling Socks

Cycling Socks
Cycling socks are typically made of a synthetic material such as Coolmax, which is a popular fabric known for its impressive-moisture wicking properties. Lightweight Coolmax biking socks wick away moisture, and the socks dry very quickly, keeping your feet dry and comfortable while you ride. The Endura Coolmax Stripe Socks is one good example


Sweaty feet can lead to blisters, sores and many other problems. If you’ve never tried a pair of Coolmax socks, do yourself a favor and get some – I promise that you’ll notice the comfortable difference when you ride.

Wool Cycling Socks

Cycling Socks
Some people prefer to wear cycling socks that are made from a wool blend. Wool is a natural fiber with excellent wicking properties, so wool socks keep your feet drier than regular cotton socks and provide first-rate insulation in all weather conditions. The DeFeet Men’s Woolie Boolie 6-Inch Sock is one good example.

Did you know...?

Cycling Socks

Did you know that many professional cyclists favor high-cut cycling socks?

High-cut cycling socks keep the calf muscles warm which can be extremely handy in cold weather. Warm muscles perform better than cold ones. In addition, high-cut socks can sometimes double up as a compression garment to prevent swelling in tired muscles during endurance rides.

Where to Buy Cycling Socks?

If you are interested in buying cycling socks you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Cycling Socks
Cycling Socks
Cycling Socks

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