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Biking Sunglasses
Biking Sunglasses
Biking Sunglasses

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Whether you are cycling in the city, on the road, or the trail, intense sunlight can often prevent you from seeing everything you need to see. The right pair of bicycling sunglasses can help you detect dangers and hazards before it is too late. But what type of cycling sunglasses you should use?

Finding the Perfect Fit

When choosing one, aside from its stylish appeal and innovative features, you should also take into account the fit.

Since different bicycle sunglasses are designed for different head shapes and sizes, you need to find one that fits your head shape like a glove. Here are the primary considerations:

  • Stays in place
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal rubber nose grip
  • Half rimmed frames to expand vision
  • Proper ventilation and padding
  • Adjustability
  • Build quality

Different Sunglasses For Different biking Conditions

Any type of bicycle riding presents a particular challenge to your eyes because the light conditions are constantly changing. It is really important that you consider the type of conditions you will be riding in today before you put on your sunglasses:

Did you know...?

Cycling Sunglasses

Did you know that direct and constant exposure to UV rays from the sun can damage eyes, resulting to macular degeneration, cataracts and even cancer?

It is important to choose sunglasses that offers 100% protection from UV rays, especially when biking on higher altitudes which exposes you to more intense UV rays.

  • Cycling sunglasses for windy days - If it is frequently windy, larger lenses and full frames are the best. Take a look at this quality Oakley sunglasses.
  • Cycling sunglasses for night riding - There is no question about what type of lenses are best for bicycle night riding: clear lenses are made just for the night birds. But what is best for day riding?
  • Cycling sunglasses for sunny days - If you happen to live in an enviable part of the world where it is mostly sunny, make sure your lenses are dark enough for bright sun. Dark brown polarized lenses are great for withstanding the sun.
  • Cycling sunglasses for mountain biking - It is best to switch to the rose-colored glasses when mountain biking through shadow and light: you really don't want to miss that low hanging branch or monstrous crater, so I would seriously recommend a lighter tinted lens.

So, different days call for different lenses. Make sure you buy and wear the best suitable sunglasses.

What Features To Look For In Bicycle Sunglasses

Here are the important factors to consider when choosing cycling sunglasses:

Frame Style

When cycling at any particular speed, flying dirt and debris are common road hazards. For this reason, it is generally best to go for a frame with a wraparound style. This is designed to provide seamless fit and protection against wind, dirt, dust, and debris. For cyclists wearing contact lenses, this is the ideal design to use.

To ensure proper ventilation, choose frames with strategically located "air holes" or vents on the top portion of the frame to prevent fogging. Also, choosing bicycle sunglasses should include an upper sweat bar to avoid sweat from getting into the eye and also from causing fogging.

Interchangeable Lenses

It is highly recommended to choose frames that come with interchangeable lenses to allow you to adjust and replace lenses depending on the varying light conditions. These types of frames allow you to swap lenses to best correspond to the lighting conditions you are riding in. In general, biking under the bright sunlight will require you to wear darker lenses. The gray lenses work best for darker lighting conditions.

On the other hand, wearing brown or amber lenses can help increase color contrasts, which is critically important when riding along terrains and maneuvering around potholes, mud, and rocks, etc. When riding under overcast skies, vermillion or yellow lenses are perfect for blocking out the sun's glare. When riding during night time, clear lenses are ideal to ensure the vision is not compromised while keeping eyes protected.

Different Lenses

Okay, so you've found a wonderful pair of cycling sunglasses that fit so well you hardly even notice they are on your face. Is there anything else you should consider? Yes! Arguably the most important part of the sunglasses is the lenses themselves. This is what you should be looking for in your stylish new sunglasses:

Feature Comments
Ultraviolet Protection Cycling outdoors will require you to ensure your eyes are 100% protected from the harmful ultraviolet radiation. Both polycarbonate and trivex lenses offer UV protection.

Almost every quality cycling sunglasses available in the market today offer UVA and UVB protection, with some in the form of lens coating and others through built-in ability to absorb UV light.

Photo chromic Lenses There are cycling sunglasses available today that come with photo chromic lenses , which are specifically to adapt to varying lighting conditions. It has the ability to change colors depending on the amount of sunlight outside, which means, under bright sunlight, it can easily transform into cycling sunglasses.
Prescription Lenses If you are wearing prescription eyeglasses, make sure that your cycling sunglasses frames will be able to accommodate your prescription lens. There are wide arrays of bicycle sunglasses that have Rx insert, which can be fitted behind the prescription glasses.
Polarized Lenses Light that is reflected from surfaces such as smooth water or flat road is horizontally polarized, which generally means it is reflected in a horizontally oriented direction instead of the usual scattered -- in all directions pattern.

Horizontally polarized light can be excessively annoying for many, but for cyclists, it can be potentially dangerous.

Polarized lenses are designed to significantly reduce the haze and glare to ensure maximum comfort and better vision. Polarized cycling sunglasses comes with a special filter that effectively blocks intense light reflected on surfaces, thereby reducing glare.

Take a look at these cycling sunglasses. Each one of them has its own uniqueness:

cycling Sunglasses
UV Protection: These can harm your eyes; make sure you're 100% protected against the elements. Click for many UV protected cycling sunglasses.

cycling Sunglasses
Polarized lenses will help cut down glare from the sun, improving visibility. Check here for some Polarized cycling sunglasses.

cycling Sunglasses
Anti-fog coating is a must for cold weather riding. try this Anti-fog cycling glasses

cycling Sunglasses
Vents also prevent your lenses from fogging up on cold days. Note: you can find vents on the top part of the lens, or on its sides.

cycling Sunglasses
Interchangeable lenses: If the lenses are interchangeable, do the glasses come with extra lenses? Click for many interchangeable lens sunglasses.

cycling Sunglasses
Lens color: If the lenses are not interchangeable, make sure to choose a lens color that best suits the conditions you will be riding in. Click for a selection of cycling sunglasses with color lens.

Tip: Shatterproof lenses are a cycling necessity

Biking Sunglasses

When cycling, in road racing or mountain biking, you can get into an accident at any time. Shatterproof sunglasses eliminate any chances of glass shards getting into your eyes and or cutting into your face.

Polycarbonate lenses are known to be shatterproof while maintaining top class clarity and being lightweight.

Where to Buy Cycling Sunglasses?

If you are interested in buying cycling sunglasses you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

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