Sports Headbands

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Sports Headbands
Sports Headbands
Sports Headbands

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Sports headbands are used to keep hair and sweat out of your eyes while biking. Unlike other types of sports bands, headbands designed for biking are typically designed to fit underneath a helmet without compromising the fit of the safety padding. A variety of styles are available so bikers can find a style that works well to meet their needs.

Types and Materials

A variety of materials are used to create sports headbands for bikers. Most designs use tightly woven cotton or polyester blends to create an absorbent cushion on the forehead. Elastic is often added so headbands can easily fit a biker of any size without strain.

Some models will also include a rubberized back to help hold the band in place. These are typically used to help keep hair or debris out of your eyes more so than catching sweat on the forehead.

When and How to Use Sports Headbands

Headbands can be worn any time you are biking. Slim sports headbands designed for biking can be worn on their own or underneath your helmet to provide additional comfort.

Those that will be biking in athletic events or on intense terrain that will cause them to sweat profusely can wear a headband to help keep this sweat from running down their face. These can also be used to keep a rider comfortable if they are biking in hot weather. Simply find the headband of your choice, stretch it to fit over your head and slide it back into its desired position.

Bands designed to catch sweat will need to be washed between wear to prevent bacteria growth.

Selected Sports Headbands

Halo Super Wide Cycling Headband

Sports Headbands
The Halo II headband provides sweat block technology with a rubber grip across the forehead. There are no ties, so the wearer can easily pull the headband into place and adjust it as necessary while they ride.

The light design can be worn under helmets or on their own. These cycling headbands are one size fits all so there is no worry about selecting the wrong headband when you order.

GOGO sports headbands

Sports Headbands
GOGO sports headbands provide a thick absorbent texture that will keep a rider comfortable. A variety of colors are available to match team uniforms or the personality of the rider. Headbands are able to hold sweat effectively and can easily be washed and dried to prepare for your next ride.

Gore Universal Headband

Sports Headbands
Adidas offers a combination rubber, cotton and polyester band in a variety of colors to create a personalized and comfortable fit. The band is highly absorbent, using ClimaLite technology to keep the rider comfortable. The band is also reversible to allow you to show off the Adidas logo or wear a plain band depending on your preference.

Did you know...?

Sports Headbands

Did you know that some thin headbands are just as adept as thick ones at providing insulation?

This is because of their moisture-wicking capabilities. If your headband doesn't wick moisture, the sweat will be trapped on your skin and reduce your body temperature. Thus, if you want a lightweight headband, make sure it wicks moisture!

Where to Buy Sports Headbands?

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Sports Headbands
Sports Headbands
Sports Headbands

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Sports Headbands Sports Headbands Sports Headbands


Sports head bands can keep a biker comfortable while they ride by keeping sweat and debris out of their eyes and off their face. Buying a headband that is designed for a biker is essential because you will need to fit it under your helmet.

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