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Winter Cycling Shoes
Winter Cycling Shoes
Winter Cycling Shoes

Winter Cycling Shoes Online

If you are serious about cycling, then the cold winter weather should not pose as a deterrent. When it comes to ensuring safety and comfort, winter bicycling shoes present an important investment. If you don’t want to endure cold or frozen feet while cycling, it is practical to purchase a pair of winter bicycling shoes that are specifically built for cold weather conditions.

What To Consider

Toe Spikes

It is highly recommended to choose cycling shoes with toe spikes in order to increase traction, especially when maneuvering on steep trails.


When checking out winter cycling shoes, make sure that you choose one with strong, durable, and highly treaded soles. Regular bikes do not have adequate tread to handle and withstand inclement conditions such as ice and snow. Choose a pair of winter cycling shoes with similar tread to that of winter or hiking boots.

It should also be stiff yet flexible enough to allow effective walking on snow and ice. A lot of people prefer to use clip-less pedals, while others prefer to do without these types of pedals. Whichever you choose, you need to find winter cycling shoes that offer options for both. You also need to make sure that the shoe tread will not interfere with your need to clip in and out of clip-less pedals.


If you have already tried cycling during winter wearing regular cycling shoes, you are probably aware of the importance of wearing winter-specific shoes. When looking for one, make sure it features durable construction but lightweight enough to ensure optimum comfort.

Tip: You should buy your winter shoes in a slightly bigger size.

In winter, you'll be wearing extra-thick to make sure your feet stay warm. Some riders even don two pairs of winter socks! Thus, you'll probably need to buy winter shoes that are at least a half-size bigger.

Steer clear from inexpensive injection molded composite soles and consider mid-priced winter bicycling shoes that feature the combination of carbon fiber and composite, which are known to be durable and considerably lighter. If budget is not a problem and you plan to invest in competition level winter shoes, then choose those with carbon fiber soles. While these are known to be more expensive, it is shown to provide efficient energy transfer and exceptionally lightweight.

Top Winter Cycling Shoes

Louis Garneau Glacier Road Cycling Shoe

Winter Cycling Shoes

The Glacier RD shoes are among the latest models of cold weather cycling shoes that feature fiberglass reinforced road outsole complemented with aluminum coated insole. This footwear is specifically designed to provide ample protection and insulation when cycling during cold weather conditions.

It also comes with Thinsulate waterproof lining, which are known to accommodate heat packs that can be installed between the outer fabric and laces. It also features adjustable strap on the forefoot, which is added to enhance power transfer.

SIDI Hydro GTX Cycling Shoe

Winter Cycling Shoes

This winter cycling shoes model reigns supreme with its insulated and waterproof Gore-tex upper. This component is designed to ensure your feet stays dry and warm even during winter. It also comes with slightly more room in order to conveniently accommodate heavy and thick winter socks.

It also comes with 3 Velcro straps as well as optional toe spikes and toe guard, which are popular among professional cyclists.

Tip: Get a fully multipurpose shoe

Winter Cycling Shoes

We’ve seen that winter cycling shoes are not cheap. One of the ways you can make a saving while buying them is to look for a pair that you can comfortably walk in.

Winter biking shoes are mostly made to fit onto clipless pedals and will have cleats on the sole. All the same some manufacturers have taken the trouble to design their shoes to allow you to walk around while out biking.

Tips For Winter Cycling

Cycling during winter poses a whole new set of challenges. Here are some tips to help you out:

Winterize Your Bicycle

Biking in the snow can be very difficult for your bike. If you have an expensive bike, you may want to consider using a cheaper one for commuting and biking during winter. Or you can also consider replacing your components with cheaper ones. Below are tips on how you can winterize your bike:

  1. Repaint or touch up any dings and scratches to prevent the onset of rust. However, if you have aluminum frames, this will not be necessary.
  2. Repack bearings.
  3. Wax the underside of your bicycle frame with regular car wax to prevent slush and snow buildup.
  4. Blast holes and seat post with rust-resistant aerosol lube once a week.
  5. Also spray with aerosol lube on all moving parts.
  6. Make sure to clean your chainset regularly.
  7. Expect to retire your chainset after the winter season.

Winterize Yourself

Cold feet means the rest of your body will suffer the cold. Aside from investing in a winter bicycling shoes, you also need to take stock of your gears to ensure ample protection. Here are some tips:

  1. Regularly monitor weather forecast
  2. Set your own cut off temperature or comfort zone
  3. Dress to ensure maximum visibility, with reflective tapes
  4. Layer clothing to regulate body temperature
  5. Invest in moisture wicking jacket and shell pants
  6. Protect your extremities with winter-specific gears

Safety Tips

When planning to bike during winter, you need to be able to anticipate all possible problems. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Choose route based on winter road conditions
  2. Less travelled paths and roads are known to be safer
  3. Ride slow and maintain a steady and smooth pace
  4. Stay focused and always anticipate your next turn

Where to Buy Winter Cycling Shoes?

If you are interested in buying winter cycling shoes you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Winter Cycling Shoes
Winter Cycling Shoes
Winter Cycling Shoes

Winter Cycling Shoes on eBay.com

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More Winter Cycling Shoes Online

Winter Cycling Shoes
Winter Cycling Shoes
Winter Cycling Shoes

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