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Wool Cycling Jerseys
Wool Cycling Jerseys
Wool Cycling Jerseys

Selected Wool Cycling Jerseys Online

When it comes to cycling, wool is undoubtedly the most comfortable material and makes ideal apparel when cycling on cold weather. Even when slightly wet, wool cycling jerseys are still able to provide insulation, and unlike other clothing materials, wool does not come with any unpleasant smell. About 15 years ago, the majority of jerseys and shorts were predominantly made of wool. Now, it is making a great comeback, albeit better and more ergonomically designed.

Why A Wool Cycling Jersey?

Comfort: One of the reasons merino cycling gear is in high demand is the moisture-wicking properties of this fabric. This means you don’t get that nasty clammy sensation when you begin sweating as you ride. On top of that wool is known for its softness on the skin.

Did You Know?

Wool Cycling Jersey

Wool, besides being soft and gentle on the skin, is also non-allergenic? It is recommended by dermatologists to people who react to different kinds of fabric.

Body temperature control: When you sweat, other fabrics, such as cotton, allow the wind to get through to you and make you cold. Wool is unique in that though it gets wet, it still keeps you warm. During those long rides, this is an essential quality.

No odor: One thing users of cycling jerseys made from synthetic fabrics will tell you for free is that they easily develop a bad smell. This is because even though they deal effectively with the moisture from sweat, they don’t have anti-bacterial properties. This means they have to be washed frequently. Not so with wool. Guys who go on long cycling tours where no washing facilities are available can comfortably wear and re-wear their wool cycling jersey. The anti-bacterial qualities in wool are thanks to the lanolin it contains.

Variety: Wool jerseys are available in a variety of styles today. You can get short-sleeved or long-sleeved jerseys as well as loose or tight-fitting ones depending on your personal preference. Most vendors also offer a choice between full and partial zips.

Durability: Even after a using it for a long time and washing it regularly, you will find that the wool biking jersey is almost as good as new.

Top 3 Wool Cycling Jerseys Manufacturers

To help you out on the different brands out there, below are the top 3 manufacturers of wool bicycling jerseys:


This is an all American company based in Vermont known to offer quality apparels with slightly expensive price tags. Here are some important facts:

  • Manufacturer of some of the most expensive wool bicycle jerseys in the market.
  • Other products include cycling and outdoor related items such as arm and leg warmers, ¾ tights, short and long sleeve jerseys, jackets, vests and underwear.
  • Known to offer top quality wool bicycling jersey.

Portland Cyclewear

This is one of the more recent suppliers of wool jerseys, offered at more reasonable rates.


This is a great brand, which is based in Italy. Price is also more expensive than regular wool cycling jerseys designs. They are known to offer short and long sleeve jerseys, underwear, socks, trainers and head cap.

Top 3 Wool Bicycling Jerseys

Pearl Izumi Woolie Jersey

Wool Cycling Jerseys

Designed to offer heat trapping protection, this is an apparel of choice when cycling under cold weather conditions. It features stylish embroidery complemented with ribbed cuffs and collars, giving you that classic, timeless appeal.

Giro Full-Zip Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Wool Cycling Jerseys

Ibex is a renowned manufacturer of outdoor clothing and gear, specializing in the use of merino and organic wool. Merino wool for one is popular for its thermal comfort, making it a perfect companion when you need extra insulation. In addition, merino wool features moisture vapor transmission, with includes a hydrophilic interior, otherwise known as the cortex as well as a hydrophobic exterior or what is referred to as cuticle.

Castelli Costante Wool Long Sleeve Jersey

Wool Cycling Jerseys

If you are looking for a sleek wool bicycle jersey, Castelli has managed to combine the traditional material with modern day design. Made with 100% wool with a fitted cut, it features 2 pockets on the rear making it ideal for layering and cycling.

Did you know that you can tell the quality of wool jerseys based on its thread count?

At minimum, a decent jersey should have a thread count of about 100 to 120. For exceptional insulation and world-beating comfort, seek out jerseys with thread counts above 140. You'll pay a premium price, but it's well worth the investment.

Where to Buy Wool Cycling Jerseys?

If you are interested in buying wool cycling jerseys you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Wool Cycling Jerseys
Wool Cycling Jerseys
Wool Cycling Jerseys

Sample Wool Cycling Jerseys on eBay

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Last Word About Wool Bicycling Jerseys

Now that you have a better idea of the different options available on wool, you may want to seriously consider investing in quality wool jersey instead of the traditional synthetic ones.

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