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fruit nutrition facts
Learning some fruit nutrition facts
during our Rhine River Tour
Nutrition is always the key to developing a fit body and good cycling nutrition. Aside from the three basic food groups, which are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, vitamins and minerals also help the body develop and improve. Therefore, knowing your fruit nutrition facts will help you be your best.

Aside from vitamins and minerals, fruits also contain carbohydrates and water, which help by replenishing water loss from sweating and rejuvenating energy since bike riding is tiring. When riding a bike, there are several nutritional supplements that you can take to improve sight, coordination, alertness, and strength. These four components are the major factors of a safe and enjoyable bike riding experience.

The most important vitamins that a cyclist needs to take are
Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.


Vitamin A, or retinol, improves your sight. The disease of night blindness may occur when there is a constant decrease in vitamin A levels in the body.

The second vitamin that a cyclist must take is vitamin B. Since it comprises several components, it is aptly named the vitamin B complex. It increases alertness, strength, and coordination and is vital to healthy brain growth and maintenance.

Vitamin B also regulates cellular levels, which maintain our energy levels at the end of the day.

Another essential vitamin is vitamin C. Also known as ascorbic acid, it has been proven to help strength conditioning and body protection. Since vitamin C decreases the release of cortisol, this, in turn, defers the breakdown of muscle tissue during biking exercise. Vitamin C also increases the body’s immune system and response. Lastly, there is Vitamin E, which is considered the most excellent quality for strengthening the body and reducing the recovery time muscles need. Fruit nutrition facts show us a list of fruits with considerable amounts of the vitamins cyclists need and are enumerated below.

Fruits Containing Vitamin A

Item IU % RDA
Sweet potatoes 19218 384%
Carrots 16706 334%
Dried apricots 3604 72%
Cantaloupe 33821 68%
Papaya 10941 22%
Mangoes 765 15%
Tomatoes 833 17%
Peaches 326 7%
Source – http://www.healthaliciousness.com

Fruits Containing Vitamin B

Vitamin B complex fruits: (Since Vitamin B complex has a wide range in fruit selections, I will enumerate fruits with most Vitamin B components). Avocado, boysenberries, breadfruit, cherimoya, dates, grapes, guava, loganberries, mango, orange, pineapple, pomegranate, watermelon, banana, mulberries, passion fruit, prickly pear, nectarine, peach, black currants, gooseberries, grapefruit, raspberries, starfruit, blackberries, papaya, strawberries

Vitamin C fruits:

Item mg per 100 gram serving % RDA
Guava 228 381%
Kiwi fruits (Chinese gooseberries) 93 155%
Papayas (lechoza, mamao, pawpaw) 62 103%
Oranges and clementines (tangerines) 59 99%
Strawberries 59 98%
Acerola (West Indian cherry) 1678 2796%
Black currants 181 302%
Pummelos 61 102%
Sun-dried tomatoes 102 170%
Cantaloupe 37 61%
Tomatoes 23 39%
Source – http://www.healthaliciousness.com

Fruits Containing Vitamin E

Item mg per 100 gram serving % RDA
Sunflower seeds 36.6 121%
Dried apricots 4.33 14%
Pickled green olives 3.81 13%
Source – http://www.healthaliciousness.com

Did you know...?

Fruit Nutrition Facts

Did you know that some fruits contain many useful minerals in addition to vitamins?

One mineral that is extremely helpful for cyclists is potassium. Potassium is known to decrease muscle soreness by combating lactic acid buildup during exercise. Of all the fruits, bananas contain the most potassium and are thus favored by athletes worldwide.

Last Word About Fruit Nutrition Facts

The list of fruits goes on and on, but one thing is certain: Knowing your fruit nutrition facts helps obtain a healthy body. Good and balanced cycling nutrition is essential for having a great bicycle-riding experience.

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