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Do We Really Need e-Bikes?

If you need an answer to the above question, my best advice to you is – go get you one. After riding an electric bicycle couple of times – you will know the answer!

All About E-Bikes & Theis Accessories

Electric Powered Bicycle
Electric Folding Bicycle
Electric Motors
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Conversion Kits
E-Bike Laws

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Electric Powered Bicycle - The invention of the electric powered bicycle type is not less important than any other major development in the history of bicycles. Just look how big is a similar trend in the automobile world - the growing use of electrical vehicles..

Electric Folding Bicycle - Use this bicycle type and you can enjoy the best of two worlds. The best folding bike and electric powered bicycle

Bicycle Motors - Installing electric bicycle motors on your, your family's or your friend's current bicycles is a great way to enjoy the benefits of electric powered bicycles, without purchasing new bicycles.

Bicycle Batteries - The electric bicycle battery is a key component of any e-bike. There are two major types of batteries in the market: Read more.

Conversion Kits - There are a number of manufacturers out there that would sell you an electric bicycle conversion kit. All you need to know is how to take off your front or rear wheel and convert your favorite bicycle into an electric one!

E-Bike Laws - Electric bicycle laws are relatively friendly, but there are significant differences between various countries. Take a look at some Ebike laws in the US and in Europe.

Electric Tricycle - If you are thinking of upgrading from a traditional tricycle or are deciding whether to make an electric tricycle your first tricycle, this article will help you make up your mind.

E-Bikes - A Passing Trend?

In the recent years, using e-bikes had become quite common, as they are advancing rapidly in terms of technology and popularity. Using e-bikes is not a passing trend, and is not less important than any other major development in the history of bicycles. Just look how big is a similar trend in the automobile world - the growing use of electrical vehicles.

The Benefits of Riding E-Bikes

Here are some of the main benefits of using electric powered bicycles:

  • They are fun to ride
  • They allowing a sweat-free commuting
  • They are a cheap mean of transportation, compared to the cost of using private or public transportation.
  • They are safe (due to grater acceleration capability)
  • They require almost zero maintenance costs.
  • Allowing a clean transportation, dramatically reducing air pollution
  • Unlike most other electric vehicles, you can still ride a bike even when the batteries are running out of power.

Where to Buy e-Bikes?

If you are interested in buying e-bikes online, you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:


Last Word About E-Bikes

People are using e-bikes not only fun. With their increased battery range (some new models can achieve almost 40 miles); electric powered bicycles allow us a "sweat free", easy cycling. This is so important if you want to commute by bicycle to work. Get on your electric powered bicycle and go up hills with minimal efforts.

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