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Bicycle Conversion Kit
Bicycle Conversion Kit
Bicycle Conversion Kit

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There is a variety of electric bicycle styles on the market, and it’s up to you to choose which one fits your needs and own cycling style best. But perhaps you already have a bike that you love, you just want it to be easier for riding uphill. This is where a bicycle conversion kit will come to your help.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Conversion Kit

Did you know that there are strict legal regulations governing the use of electric bicycles?

You have to keep these in mind when buying a bicycle conversion kit and converting your ordinary bike to an electric one as these regulations may affect your choice of motor and battery. Read more about the latest electric bicycle laws here so you won't get slapped with a hefty fine.

All About The Electric Bicycles Revolution

Electric powered bicycle is one of the most energy efficient way to travel.

They're great for commuters, allowing you to do little work on the way to your job, and if you want you can pedal your heart out on the way home.

Electric bicycle can be also great for touring, giving you a break on some of those long inclines. You'll still be pedaling but that little battery attachment on the back will be doing the work for you.

With the majority of the world becoming more economically and environmentally conscious, it's no wonder the electric bicycles has become a growing success.

Types Of Electric Bicycles

There are basically two types of electric powered bicycles:

  • "Power-on-demand", where you activate the motor using a throttle mounted on the handlebars of your bicycle
  • "Power-assist", or pedal electric, where you run the motor by pedaling. A sensor detects your pedaling speed and force and an electric controller provides for manual or automatic adjustment of your speed.

Motors & Batteries

After choosing the right electric bicycle type to meet your needs, there are still two important issues you need to consider:

  • The motor: There are two major types of electric bicycle motors. The first decision to be made is selecting the right one (I recommend the Hub motor). You can read more about different types of electric bicycle motors.
  • The Battery: The other decision to make is selecting the type of battery (my recommendation here is not that clear. Read here for more information about batteries for electric bicycles).

Where to Buy a Bicycle Conversion Kit?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle conversion kit you can buy it online. Take a look:

No "Conversion+Kit" (All condition) found on eBay(US)

Books About Electric Bicycles and Bicycle Conversion Kits

More information about electric bicycles and conversion kits can be found on several informative books. Take a look at these selected books:

Bicycle Conversion Kit
Bicycle Conversion Kit
Bicycle Conversion Kit


After converting your regular bike into an electrical motorized bicycle you will feel the difference: you'll be cruising the streets much easier in no time. Hills, long treks, and sore legs will no longer keep you from making a bicycle your new mode of transportation. Bicycle motor conversion is a simple task. All you need to know is how to take off your back tire and you can make your favorite bicycle into an electric one!

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