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Electric Bicycle Motors
Electric Bicycle Motors
Electric Bicycle Motors

Electric Bicycle Motors Online

Electric bicycle motors are vital components of all-electric bicycles and provide that turning force when pedaling. Through years of constant innovation, motors have become smaller. Some of the latest bike models offer advanced motors that are expectedly more expensive.

The Theory

There are three types of motors, as detailed below:

  • Brushed Motors – This one is the least popular among the different types of motors since these are considerably larger, heavier, and noisier. However, through the years, brushed motors have proved to be quite robust performers and are known to be reliable when performing hill climbing. It is also cheaper compared to its counterparts.
  • Brushless DC Motors – These are designed as smaller, lighter as well as significantly quieter compared to brushed motors. The technical variation of the two is of little significance in terms of its performance under varying applications. However, between the two, brushless motors are known to be the ideal choice for e-bikes.
  • Sensorless, Brushless Motors – These are usually available in 2-phase or 3-phase and share a very similar construction to the AC induction motors that typically contain magnets and are mainly used for industrial applications. It is best known for its improved reliability compared to other motor types.

Motor Power and Efficiency

Motor power greatly affects the overall efficiency of the bike. The more efficient the motor is, the higher the Nm, based on the difference between the input and the output power.

Did you know...?

Electric Bicycle Motors

Did you know that some electric bike motors come with an automatic shut-off mechanism?

This mechanism automatically switches off when the cyclist uses the brakes. In these environmentally conscious times, conserving energy is more important than ever. It'll also help to keep the costs of using your bike motor down. Try to buy these motors whenever possible.

The power may be lost due to the reluctance between magnetic fields, resistance in the copper coils, or the harmonics generated while in operation.

Efficiency is the critical factor that spells the huge difference between electronic bikes. In general, low-medium nominal power such as those ranging between 200 and 500 Watts is best complemented with a high peak power of 1.5k Watts to enhance all-around performance.

Types of Electric Bicycle Motors

There are two main types of bicycle motors: an engine that is incorporated into the front or rear wheel ("in-wheel hub motor") and a motor that drives the bicycle via its chain ("frame mounted motor").

Hub Motors

The in-wheel motor is an integral part of the wheel, and the hub is the actual motor. It operates opposite to a bicycle generator, as it transfers electricity to kinetic energy = bicycle movement). There are two types of hub motors: the direct-drive hub motor, and the geared hub motor. The first type of electric bicycle motor needs to be stronger, as there are no gears involved. It is best for high speed.

Hub motors are efficient and quiet. Most electric motors for bicycles are front or rear-wheel hub motors. Hub motors are more streamlined and much lighter than frame-mounted motors. Hub motors are built into the wheel itself, fixed directly to the axle. There are two types of hub motors: Direct Drive and Geared Motors.

Direct drive motors are much heavier and bigger, but they have a lot more power and speed than geared motors. Direct drive motors have up to 2880 watts of power versus up to 1000 watts for geared motors. Direct motors will go up to 40 miles per hour versus up to 25 miles per hour with geared motors.

The geared hub motors have gears to allow higher torque for low-speed/hill climbing. There is a slight loss of energy with this motor, but it is more efficient due to the gears.

Frame Mounted Electric Bicycle Motors

Frame mounted motor is installed near the pedals and moves the bicycle chain. The big advantage of this engine is the ability to use the gears of the bike and take advantage of the engine power to start your ride.

These motors have relatively weaker power, compared to the hub motors. Also, they are creating a higher noise level. Noise is also created during a gear change, and from the chain movement. You can also expect to replace the chain more frequently due to the extra load.

Also frame-mounted electric bicycle motors are usually much bulkier than in-wheel hub motors, but they are more universal, and they can be mounted onto most types of bicycles. Also, they can convert a bicycle into an all-electric bicycle or an electric-powered hybrid bicycle.

Frame-mounted electric bicycle motors are typically around a few hundred watts but can range up to 2800 watts, or 3.8 Horsepower. These motors typically have a top speed of about 15 miles per hour, and they can travel between 10 and 25 miles per charge, depending upon whether you pedal, treat your electric bicycle as a hybrid, or simply treat it as a completely motorized bicycle.

Take a look at this frame-mounted bicycle motor:

Where to Buy Electric Bicycle Motors?

If you are interested in buying electric bicycle motors you can buy them at one of these trusted online stores:

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Electric Bicycle Motors on eBay

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Books About Electric Bicycles and Electric Bicycle Motors

More information about electric bicycles and motors can be found in several informative books. Take a look at these selected books:

Electric Bicycle Motors
Electric Bicycle Motors
Electric Bicycle Motors

Final Word About Electric Bicycle Motors

The motor is a key component in any motorized vehicle, and electric bicycles are no exception. There are several types of motors - each has its advantages and disadvantages. By learning more about all options you will be able to make the right decision when buying an electric bicycle.

For more information you are invited to visit this trusted site.

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