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How to Fit a Bicycle
How to Fit a Bicycle

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Knowing how to fit a bicycle will help you choose the right bicycle and set the right seat height and handlebar position. The only way to get maximum performance and maximum enjoyment out of cycling is to have a bicycle that fits you and your riding needs, so read ahead to determine how to fit a bicycle to your specific riding style, size, and needs.

Stand Over the Frame

The first step for most riders is to stand over the frame with both feet flat on the ground. A properly sized bicycle will have an inch or two of clearance between the top tube of the bicycle frame and the rider’s inseam. For a mountain bike, you may want a little bit more room, up to 4 inches.

Adjust the Seat to the Proper Height

The seat on a bicycle should be high enough to allow your leg to extend to the point it is almost completely straight on the pedal when you’re sitting on the seat.

When you’re at the lowest point pedaling there should only be a slight bend in the knee. Not only does this position maximize power, but it also minimizes fatigue and risk of injury.

In this situation, you can see how important it is to know how to fit a bicycle properly to your needs, especially if you’re serious about cycling.

Adjust the Level of the Bike Seat

In addition to being the proper height, a bicycle seat should be leveled properly for maximum comfort and efficiency.

No cyclist wants to constantly monitor and adjust where they are sitting on their bicycle seat. If you have too much forward tilt, you’ll feel like you’re sliding forward and have to sit unnaturally to hold yourself on the bike.

If you have too much of a backward angle you won’t be able to get any power and you’ll constantly have to adjust because you’ll feel like you’re slipping off of the back of the seat.

When you’re sitting on your bike seat, your weight should be uniform and you should feel no specific pressure points. Also, when you’re learning how to fit a bicycle, you should know that a bicycle seat will also move forward and backward to the seat post. This will help make sure you’re completely centered and in the proper position on the bicycle.

Adjust the Handlebars

When you’re learning how to fit a bike, you always need to remember the goal of adjusting the handlebars – To find the position where you can ride most comfortably without straining your back, shoulders, and wrists.

This step involves a lot of personal preference, and whatever you find comfortable, so feel free to experiment with different settings until you find out what works best and is most comfortable for you.

How To Choose a Bicycle Online?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle such as a road bike, a mountain bike and even an electric powered bicycle, you can buy it on one of these trusted online stores:

How To Fit a Bicycle Online
How To Fit a Bicycle Online
How To Fit a Bicycle Online
How To Fit a Bicycle Online

Buying a Bicycle on eBay

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Final Word on How to Fit a Bicycle

If you have never fit a bicycle before, or, you don't feel comfortable making manual adjustments to your bicycle, you can always get help at your local bike shop. Also, when you adjust your bicycle, you shouldn't feel set for life, and like you cannot make a change again.

Your body may change, or your riding needs may change, and therefore, so will your fit on your bicycle. You may need to adjust your bicycle often throughout your lie.

Finally, some people adjust their bicycles for specific rides they are planning. They will adjust it differently for speed, distance, recreation, etc., so don't feel shy about making bicycle adjustments and knowing how to fit your bicycle for your specific riding needs.

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