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Now that you’re out looking for the best bicycle locks, you should definitely take a look at the Kryptonite New York lock as it’s surely one of the best and top rated locks that you would come across. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this bicycle lock:

Rating: 4.0

Kryptonite New York Lock Pros & Cons


  • The chain is extremely strong and perfect for the streets
  • It's long enough to wrap around a wheel and telephone booth or even a light pole if necessary.


  • It's a chain lock and like most of them, it's extremely heavy.
  • Not long enough to go through both the front and rear wheel at the same time.

Security Rating

It's not just the manufacturers that give this lock fantastic scores when it comes to rating, even people who use it on their bikes are all praise for its strength. One thing is for sure, whenever a thieve spots this lock, they skip your bike as they wouldn't want to waste time and risk getting caught.



This is one of the best bicycle locks manufactured by kryptonite, and just like all their other locks, it comes along with three keys. Among the keys, one of them would have a light bulb with replaceable batteries. This bulb would help you lock and unlock your bicycle in the night.



Weight is an issue all bikers have in mind before buying a lock, and as you may expect, this lock is hefty as it's a chain lock. It weighs a massive 7.4 pounds, and when cycling, if you attach it onto your bike, you may even be dragged to one side. Therefore, if you're looking for a lightweight, this isn't the lock for you. On the other hand, if you want to protect your expensive bike from theft, there's nothing to beat this bicycle lock.


Ease of use

This is surely one of the best bikes locks out there, and the only problem that you would face is that of its weight. The keys are brilliant and slide in and out extremely well. Moreover, if you take care of the lock, it would last you years without any sort of problems. Locking your bike around stationary objects couldn't get any easier than this.



This is surely one of the best bicycle locks when it comes to chain designs as it's got innovative oval crossbar discs which further increase its strength. Being a chain lock, you would be able to encircle any kind of object easily and fasten your cycle to it without any difficulties.


Value for Money

Being one of the best bicycle locks out there, the price of this strong chain lock is validated. You're getting much more than what you pay for when you decide to buy this lock. Apart from the weight, there's nothing else that you should worry about.


Final Verdict

This is the best bicycle lock for expensive bikes that you would never want to lose. It is solid, and no one would bother wasting their time trying to break through this great chain lock. The only downside is its weight. If you can live with that, there's nothing to beat it.

So, is this Kryptonite lock is the best bicycle lock? - find out by yourself:

Category Score
Security Rating 5.0
Keys 4.0
Weight 2.0
Ease of use 4.0
Style 5.0
Value for Money 4.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The Kryptonite New York Lock?

The best place to buy the Kryptonite New York Lock, as well as many other bicycle locks is eBay. This reliable, #1 online market-place usually has USED as well as NEW products in stock.

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Kryptonite New York Lock
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Kryptonite New York Lock

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