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When it comes to the best bicycle locks, the Kryptonite U lock is surely one of the best you can come across. Its’ got plenty of features that make it stand out of the crowd. So, let’s take a look at a few Pros and Cons of this bicycle lock:

Rating: 4.0

Kryptonite U Lock Pros & Cons


  • Achieved the maximum of 12 security ranking on the kryptonite comparison scale
  • High intensity bulb on the key helps you lock/unlock in the night
  • It's indestructible and hence thieves wouldn't waste their time on it.


  • They are really heavy!
  • The U part of the lock is pretty small and hence your bike needs to be placed close to the support.

Security Rating

Kryptonite has its very own security comparison rating system, and as per those tests, the lock managed to secure 12/12! Well, that's surely going to make it one of the best bicycle locks available - isn't it? It has an 18 millimeter hardened maximum performance shackle that resists all bolt cutters as well as a leverage style breakthrough.



This lock comes along with three keys, and just like most of the kryptonite locks, one of the keys has a LED bulb attached, which helps for after dark use. The bulb has replaceable batteries, and hence long life is ensured.



If you're looking for a lightweight lock, even though this is one of the best bicycle locks available, it isn't meant for you. It weighs a massive 4.5 pounds! Therefore, it's not a good option if you're used to lightweight locks.


Ease of use

Using this lock is a breeze, the locking shackle easily fits onto the U, and the key is smooth, unlike some of the other kryptonite locks. However, you should know that the lock doesn't include a mounting bracket, and no bracket's specially built for this lock if you want to buy one.



This lock, as you can see, is a U lock built up for maximum security. However, the size of the U is small, and this is both a boon and a curse. The small size is annoying as it's difficult to find a suitable place to park your bike. However, the size also prevents thieves from placing crowbars or any other equipment in between to break it open.


Value for Money

This is an amazing U lock, and it was built up to be extremely strong. Therefore, for the price, it's more than what you could ask for. The others that fall in this category are costly and hence aren't worthy of being mentioned.


Final Verdict

The U lock is strong and small at the same time. The size of the U is going to help you against thieves, but it would be a hindrance when it comes to locking your bike around objects. But, safety is surely your top priority, so you have to say - this is one of the best bicycle locks out there.

So, is this Kryptonite lock is the best bicycle lock? - find out by yourself:

Category Score
Security Rating 4.0
Keys 5.0
Weight 3.0
Ease of use 4.0
Style 4.0
Value for Money 3.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The Kryptonite U Lock?

The best place to buy the Kryptonite U Lock, as well as many other bicycle locks is eBay. This reliable, #1 online market-place usually has USED as well as NEW products in stock.

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