Topeak Floor Pump

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Topeak Floor Pump

The Joe Blow Topeak floor pump is probably the best option if you’re looking for the best bicycle pump that you could use both at home as well as carry around with you. It’s both a primary as well as secondary pump. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this pump:

Rating: 4.5

Topeak Floor Pump Pros & Cons


  • Hose is long and hence it's easy to attach
  • Smarthead makes it compatible with all valves


  • Pressure gauge is accurate but it could be better


The JoeBlow Topeak floor pump is just like all the other floor bike pumps in its operation and there's nothing special when it comes to its general working. However, this is the best bicycle pump if you're looking for one that has the power to deliver high pressures, even up to 160psi!

So, when it comes to the working mechanism of this model, there's a very high compression factor that comes into play, yet you're not using a lot of energy - the only logical explanation behind this fact would be that the pump is very efficient.

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If you're looking for high performance, this is probably the best bicycle pump that you'd come across as it's very efficient as already mentioned.

But, its performance doesn't just lie in its efficiency; it's an overall masterpiece wherein the pressure gauge is high enough so that you can read it while you pump. Therefore, accuracy is guaranteed with this bicycle pump.

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Built using the best materials, the JoeBlow Topeak floor pump is one of the best bicycle pumps if you're in search of one that would last you for a minimum of two to three years even after daily use.

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Best Use

Well, this pump can be used on all kinds of bicycles as it's very easy to achieve the desired pressure rating up to 160psi.

It works well both as a primary as well as a secondary bicycle pump and therefore when you own this pump, there's no need of another.

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This isn't the lightest pump that you'd come across, but for the functionality and high pressure that it offers, you could say it's feather weight weighing just around 4 pounds or so.

Another reason as to why this pump is among the best bicycle pumps is due to the fact that it's very easy to mount this pump onto your bicycle without causing any kind of hindrance.

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Ease of Use

Well, there's nothing that you need to do in this case; you just need to fix the valve well and this shouldn't be a problem as it's a smarthead. Once that's done - just pump away!

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Value For Money

First and foremost, the Topeak Joe Blow sport pump is one of the best bicycle pumps that you'd come across and it even lasts you years. Therefore, if this floor bike pump is within your budget, you should definitely go ahead and buy it.

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Final Verdict

The Joe Blow Topeak floor pump works well both as a primary and also a secondary pump. So, if you're just looking for the best to keep in your garage or maybe even carry around with you, the Joe Blow Topeak floor pump is definitely one that you need to consider.

So, is this JoeBlow Turbo Topeak floor pump is the best bicycle pump? - find out by yourself:

Category Score
Mechanism 5.0
Performance 5.0
Durability 5.0
Best Use 5.0
Weight 4.0
Ease of Use 4.0
Value For Money 4.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The Topeak Floor Pump?

The best place to buy the Topeak Floor Pump, as well as many other bicycle pumps is eBay. This reliable, #1 online market-place usually has USED as well as NEW products in stock.

Another recommended e-stores where you can buy the Topeak Floor Pump and other bicycle pumps are:

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