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Cannondale LAB71 SuperSix Evo 12-Speed Road Bike (New - 15000 USD)Cannondale LAB71 SuperSix Evo 12-Speed Road Bike
(New - 15000 USD)
2023 CANNONDALE SUPERSIX EVO LAB71 Dura Ace Di2 Road Bike 54cm Retail $15,000 (New - 14999.99 USD)2023 CANNONDALE SUPERSIX EVO LAB71 Dura Ace Di2 Road Bike 54cm Retail $15,000
(New - 14999.99 USD)
2024 Cannondale SuperSix EVO HiMod 1 - Red AXS - MOMO - R-SL 50 - 54cm - Mercury (New - 13500 USD)2024 Cannondale SuperSix EVO HiMod 1 - Red AXS - MOMO - R-SL 50 - 54cm - Mercury
(New - 13500 USD)
2024 Cannondale Scalpel - XX SL AXS - Enve m5 - SID Ultimate - Large - Black (New - 12500 USD)2024 Cannondale Scalpel - XX SL AXS - Enve m5 - SID Ultimate - Large - Black
(New - 12500 USD)

Cannondale bicycles on eBay

Facts about Cannondale Bicycles

Founded 1971
Country of Origin USA
Headquarters Bethel, Connecticut, USA
Type Subsidiary
Parent Dorrel
Core Products Bicycles
Special Feature Cannondale Advanced Aluminium Design
Website http://www.cannondale.com/


Cannondale epitomizes daring in terms of design and technology. This company has fearlessly incorporated various unorthodox designs into its signature production lines, changing the face of the humble bicycle in the process.

Did you know...?

Cannondale Bicycles

Did you know that Cannondale Bicycles' higher-end bicycles feature some of the lightest bottom brackets and crank systems in the world?

These are manufactured using the company's special Hollowgram technology and weigh about 80 grams less than average.

That makes their bikes lighter, and every cyclist knows that lighter bikes make for faster speeds!

History Of Cannondale Bicycles

Cannondale was founded in 1971 but unlike other manufacturers, this company's initial product line had nothing to do with bicycles, but rather it was focused on backpacks for camping.

Yet, within a decade, it had entered the bicycle industry and started focusing almost exclusively on lightweight materials.

After initially focusing on road bicycles, the company began getting heavily involved in mountain bikes. Yet in the 1990s the company made an ill-fated venture into the motorsports industry which pushed the company to seek bankruptcy protection in 2003.

The company is currently part of Dorel Industries, which bought the company in 2008. It now boasts a revamped production line and a global reach that easily makes it one of the most visible brands in the market today.

Special Features

Cannondale's signature technology is Cannondale Advanced Aluminum Design (CAAD). The latest incarnation of this technology is CAAD9, which was first introduced in 2007.

Another interesting technological development is SAVE (Synapse Active Vibration Elimination), which works to reduce vibrations by changing the fundamental design of the standard bicycle.

Both these technological innovations have allowed Cannondale to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Facts About Cannondale Bicycles

Cannondale was one of the first bicycle manufacturers to develop and deploy technologically advanced aluminum designs. Moreover, it is the industry leader in Aluminum technology.

Selected Cannondale Bicycles

Cannondale currently markets its bicycles under four different major categories: Road, Mountain, Recreation/Urban, and HEADSHOK.

The following are some samples of its core products:


Elite Road SUPERSIX HI-MOD TEAM ($9,099)
Performance Road SYNAPSE HI-MOD 1 DURA-ACE ($6,399)
Triathlon/Time Trial SLICE HI-MOD SRAM RED ($6,899)
Cyclocross SUPERX SRAM RED ($7,499)


Over Mountain CLAYMORE 1 ($5,899)
Full Suspension RZ ONE TWENTY1 ($3,199)
Hardtrail FLASH CARBON ULTIMATE ($9,599)
29'er FLASH CARBON 29'ER 1 ($5,899)


Recreation ADVENTURE 1 ($879)
Tandem ROAD TANDEM 2 ($3,549)

Selected User Reviews

"I prefer Cannondale's mountain bike range, the stuff they make is solid and durable, never ridden a bike as comfortable and enduring as the ones built by Trek"

Ishan Fernando

"I've been riding my Cannondale bike for more than 4 years now and what I love about it is that even after all the time (no major maintenance) it still feels brand new when I ride it. "

Mario De Silva

"I opted for Cannondale after getting a chance to ride one amongst many during a local race. It is extremely light but you still feel like you are in perfect control. Amazing!"

Timothy Black

Last Word About Cannondale Bicycles

Featuring virtually every conceivable type of bicycle known to humanity and showcasing some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques in the market today, Cannondale is definitely one of the biggest and best names in the industry, and rightly so.

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