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2017 Diamondback AR223 Equipe 52cm Road Bike (Used - 5000 USD)2017 Diamondback AR223 Equipe 52cm Road Bike
(Used - 5000 USD)
New Diamondback Release 4C Carbon Mtn Bike  (NIB) (New - 4100 USD)New Diamondback Release 4C Carbon Mtn Bike (NIB)
(New - 4100 USD)
1982 Diamondback Silver Streak Old School BMX Araya Sugino SR Dia Compe Kashimax (3999.99 USD)1982 Diamondback Silver Streak Old School BMX Araya Sugino SR Dia Compe Kashimax
(3999.99 USD)
1983 Diamondback silver streak bmx bike (3600 USD)1983 Diamondback silver streak bmx bike
(3600 USD)

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Facts About Diamondback Bicycles

Founded 1978
Country of Origin USA
Headquarters Kent, Washington, USA
Type Subsidiary
Parent Raleigh UK Ltd
Core Products Bicycles
Special Feature Knuckle Box suspension platform for an optimized wheel rate, axle path, and low center of gravity
Website http://www.diamondback.com/

Diamondback bicycles, now marketed by the same company that sells Raleigh bicycles, were first sold by Western States Imports of California, USA which made the Centurion bicycles to compete against the major European brands like Raleigh and Schwinn bicycles.

The brand started as "Diamond Back" in 1978 before changing to "DiamondBack" until finally taking its present form. In the 1980s Centurion was marketed as Centurion/Diamondback but became purely Diamondback ten years later. It was first developed as a BMX bike but in 1990, WSI started selling mountain bikes and road bicycles under the Diamondback brand as well.

Did you know...?

Diamondback Bicycles

Did you know that many Diamondback bicycles, including the famous Diamondback Podium, have a special AMMP SL frame?

This AMMP SL frame defies expectation because it boasts greater stiffness and tensile strength despite being thinner and more lightweight. It thus offers both greater durability and enhanced competition performance.


In 1993, Diamondback Racing was organized and many riders have competed under the sponsorship of Diamondback both in BMX and mountain bike events. Eddy and Mike King together with Harry Leary gave the Diamondback team a string of championships and dominated the BMX racing scene.

Team DBR was the US Men's National XC champions, took the silver at the 1994 Worlds Women's XC, the bronze in Women's XC at the Atlanta Olympics, the 1996 Men's Downhill World Championships and the World Championship Men's XC in 1997.

With the acquisition of Diamondback by Derby International, a renewed focus has been placed on BMX racing. New riding stars have been signed up and Diamondback bikes have seen action with Martyn Ashton's Ashton/Diamondback Team which was prominently featured in the Animal/Relentless Bike Tour.

The company also formed the DF5 Pro Factory team of high-profile professional riders not only to compete but to provide feedback and help R&D in the improvement of the company's models.

Categories of Diamondback Bikes

Diamondback Bikes offers several models for different categories including cruiser, comfort, and dual sport. The company also markets youth bikes and Devine Designs, a line specially developed for women. There are 14 categories in the Diamondback lineup. These consist of:


Road Podium
Cyclocross Steilacoom
Full Suspension Scapegoat, Sortie, Mission, Recoil
Dirt Jumper Assault
29'er Overdrive
Mountain Hardtail Response, Sorrento, Outlook
Hybrid Insight, Menona, Maravista, Edgewood, Kalamar
Dual Sport Trace
Comfort Wildwood
Cruiser Drifter
Women's Devine Designs
Youth Della Cruz, Octane, Impression, RM, DB Push Bike
BMX Jump, Street|Park, Race

Where to Buy Diamondback Bicycles?

If you are interested in buying Diamondback bicycles, you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Diamondback Bicycles
Diamondback Bicycles

Outside of Making Bikes

Related to bikes, Diamondback produces equipment like stationary, elliptical, and recumbent bikes for fitness centers. Outside of making bikes, Diamondback has been heavily involved with grassroots and advocacy groups like the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, an organization that aims to create and protect sustainable biking opportunities in Washington state.

Diamondback Bicycles is also active with the International Mountain Bicycling Association which conducts programs to foster and preserve trail opportunities for mountain bikers around the world. Another organization that Diamondback is involved with is the Cascade Bicycle Club, the largest bicycling club in the USA.

Last Word about Diamondback Bicycles

The merger of Diamondback and Raleigh Bicycles has produced one of the most powerful bicycle forces that can only result in a better future for cycling.

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