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(Used - 4999 USD)
Fuji SL Elite - 58cm (Used - 4000 USD)Fuji SL Elite - 58cm
(Used - 4000 USD)
Fuji Roubaix Custom Hillclimb Race Bike (Used - 3900 USD)Fuji Roubaix Custom Hillclimb Race Bike
(Used - 3900 USD)
Fuji Yari Carbon CX 56cm Gravel Bike 1x12 Sram Rival AXS Tubeless Thru Axle (New - 3699 USD)Fuji Yari Carbon CX 56cm Gravel Bike 1x12 Sram Rival AXS Tubeless Thru Axle
(New - 3699 USD)

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Facts About Fuji Bicycles

Founded 1899
Country of Origin Japan
Headquarters Morgan Hill, California, USA
Type Private
Parent Nichibei Fuji Cycle Company
Core Products Bicycles
Special Feature Produced the world's first major production mountain bicycle
Website http://www.fujibikes.com


Known for its rich racing track record, Fuji Bicycles was founded by Nichibei Fuji in 1899. Its reputation and fame as Japan's most popular bicycle brand stems from its many racing victories.

Did you know...?

Fuji Bicycles

Did you know that Team Champion System, one of the world's foremost Continental cycling teams, is sponsored by Fuji?

The team's lineup is truly staggering, including 5 national champions and 4 former world champions. They've gone on to garner much glory for Fuji and have been an important part of this highly decorated brand's history.


As early as the 1930s, Fuji was the first to hold a stage race between Osaka and Tokyo - an event that is still very much alive today. It sponsored the winner of that race and in turn, solidified its reputation as a company dedicated to manufacturing only the fastest and best bicycles possible.

In the 1951 Asian Games in New Delhi, the company's mettle would once again be tested. It would succeed with flying colors, as a Japanese Cyclist by the name of Shoichiro Sugihara dominated using a Fuji Bike.

Dr. Sugihara, as he eventually became, would add to Fuji's pedigree some more by becoming the chief engineer for Fuji Bicycles and coaching the Japanese National Team in the Tokyo Olympics of 1964.

Entering the American market

Fuji entered the American market in 1971. It was quickly accepted by the industry and was recognized as a respected brand offering high-level technology.

One such technology was the use of double-butted Chrome Molybdenum in constructing its frames. This tradition of excellence continued as Fuji was also one of the first companies to use titanium frames as early as 1986.

This excellent showing was so prevalent that in the 1974, '76, and 1980 Consumer Reports, Fuji was ranked first.

A Culture of Innovation

The culture of innovation and superior craftsmanship would extend to all aspects of their products - whether it is road bikes, mountain bikes, or recreational bikes. Its Team Issue road frame, for example, helped the Mercury Professional Cycling Team win over 70 cycling victories in 1999 making it one of the most decorated and successful cycling teams in the United States.

In another arena, Fuji's Diamond Series dual suspension was recognized as the best in a comparison of worldwide suspension brands by a German cycling magazine. This quantifiable and verifiable success allowed Fuji to penetrate even the European cycling world - with its rich cycling tradition and a market filled with high-end brands.

The Company Today

Backed by a tradition of innovation and performance, the Fuji Bicycles of today stay true to their origins of pushing the envelope of technology and design. This company, which was the first to introduce 12-speed gearing to the bicycle community, as well as outfit one with a Shimano Dura-Ace group, and the first to develop 24/27 inch wheel combinations, continues to refine its engineering and introduce both small and big improvements in their design.

They refuse to rest on their laurels and armed with a new, young, and dynamic batch of designers and engineers, are ready to take this legendary brand further forward and provide today's modern cyclists with quality and dependable rides.

Currently, Fuji Bicycles is distributed in the United States by Advanced Sports. It continues to support the cycling community by sponsoring teams such as the UCI Pro Continental Team Goex-TMC, whose riders compete on a Fuji Altamira as well as the Fuji D-6 1.0 Time trial Bike. Also, as further testament to its attitude of never being afraid to adapt to the times, it sponsors Matt Reed, a professional U.S. Triathlete.

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