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2024 Giant Propel Advanced Pro SL (Medium)  (New - 10500 USD)2024 Giant Propel Advanced Pro SL (Medium)
(New - 10500 USD)
giant reign advanced Pro 0 (New - 10000 USD)giant reign advanced Pro 0
(New - 10000 USD)
SAVE $6000.00 Small GIANT TRANCE X ADVANCED E+ EL 0 Small Ridden Twice (Used - 9000 USD)SAVE $6000.00 Small GIANT TRANCE X ADVANCED E+ EL 0 Small Ridden Twice
(Used - 9000 USD)
2023 Giant Reign  (New - 8500 USD)2023 Giant Reign
(New - 8500 USD)

Giant bicycles Online

Facts About Giant bicycles

Founded 1972
Country of Origin Taiwan
Headquarters Daija District, Taichung City, Taiwan
Type Public
Core Products On-road, Off-road, BMX, X-Road
Special Feature Largest bicycle manufacturer in the world
Website http://www.giant-bicycles.com

Did you know...?

Giant Bicycles

Did you know that the world-famous, multiple award-winning Maestro suspension system was invented by none other than Giant Bicycles?

This suspension system challenged common expectations of what a bike suspension system should offer by delivering an astonishing 4 to 8 inches of travel and total brake independence.


As its name suggests, Giant is truly one of the industry's titans. In terms of numbers, this once-humble company is now the largest manufacturer in the world, and it has devoted a huge amount of resources in terms of money and research to stay that way.

Giant bicycles History

Like most great bicycle manufacturers, Giant's beginnings were relatively humble. Founded in 1972, it began as an original equipment manager; selling bikes under other brand names.

The company first introduced bicycles under the "Giant" brand in Europe. While it initially focused on low-end bicycles, the firm rapidly developed advanced techniques, including the use of Chrome Moly steel in the manufacturing process to target more high-end customers.

Its success even enabled it to surpass its major buyer, Schwinn. As of 2007, Giant brought in an impressive 820 million dollars in revenue and managed to sell more than 5 million bicycles.

Special Feature

As the largest bicycle manufacturer, Giant has had the luxury of being able to expand into various product lines and use experiments with more freedom.

The best thing about Giant is that it has managed to combine high-end performance through cutting-end technology while also keeping more bicycles within an affordable range. The wide variety of bicycles that are designed for different terrains and indeed, different lifestyles; provide Giant's customers with a unique range of choices.

Interesting Facts

Giant has been the force behind some of the best-selling brands of bicycles from the 1970s to the early 1990s. One of its biggest buyers was none other than Schwinn, which filled 80% of its inventory with Giant bicycles by the mid-1980s.

Giant bicycles

Giant currently markets its bicycles under four different categories: on-road, off-road, x-road and BMX. In addition, it has three different riding levels: Performance, sport, and lifestyle.

The following are some examples from its core products:

Ride Performance Sport Lifestyle
On-Road TCR Advanced SL ($13,000) Rapid 1 ($1,150) Twist Freedom DX ($2,250)
Off-Road Anthem X Advanced SL 0 ($8700) Talon 29ER 1 ($1000) Boulder ($340)
X-Road TCX Advanced SL ($6,900) Roam 1 ($620) Sedona ($400)
BMX Method 00 ($560)

Selected User Reviews

"I prefer Giant because most of the bicycles are within my admittedly moderate budget. The feeling I get when I walk into a Gaint Store is not just that I am looking at the latest bicycle, but the latest trend, and that is pretty cool! ;)"

Mark Bufford

"My dad introduced me to Giant and now I just bought my teenage son his first Giant mountain bicycle. I just like the fact that you can buy a decent bicycle without having to take a second mortgage. Good job Giant!"

Andy Stowell

"These guys have the best of both worlds, I would personally recommend their off-road bicycles, using mine for the last 7 and no problems yet."

James Seaborne

Last Word About Giant Bicycles

Giant has dedicated itself to providing a wide variety of bicycles ranging from affordable low-end bicycles to expensive high-end models. Therefore, there is little chance to find the most appropriate bicycle for your needs. In other words, Giant is a one-stop shop for all your cycling needs.

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