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Jamis Triathlon bicycle (Used - 2750 USD)Jamis Triathlon bicycle
(Used - 2750 USD)
(New - 1999.99 USD)
Hudson-Jamis 7 speed bicycle (Used - 475 USD)Hudson-Jamis 7 speed bicycle
(Used - 475 USD)
Jamis Daker Sports Men's 27 Speed Aluminum Suspension Bicycle  (Used - 445 USD)Jamis Daker Sports Men's 27 Speed Aluminum Suspension Bicycle
(Used - 445 USD)

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Jamis Bicycles have come a long way since the company started, as this New Jersey-based company is now one of the leading bike manufacturers, supplying millions of riders around the globe with high-quality rides. Jamis come in different sizes and models, so you will surely find one that suits your needs. Here are some of their greatest creations.

Jamis Bicycles

Suspension Bikes

Jamis Bicycles - Suspension

When it comes to suspension bikes and suspensions, Jamis bicycles are said to have one of the best products. They have spent years and years perfecting every single aspect of their suspensions and incorporating them on an equally perfected bike code-named "Dakar".

The Dakar series comes in cross-country and trail bikes, as well as all mountain bike models. The prices can range from $1000 to a little over $5000.

Street Bikes

Jamis Bicycles - Commuter

The commuter series of Jamis bikes come in a variety of styles and models. Some of the models of these commuter bikes are even engineered to serve as cross-country training bikes should you wish to do so. They are some of the least expensive of lots, ranging from at least $400 to over $1000, but don't let the low price fool you - these bikes carry the name Jamis, so you can be sure that they are still top of the line.

Jamis Femme: Especially for Her

Jamis Bicycles - Femme

Jamis has developed a special line of bicycles that is specifically designed to accommodate the riding needs of women.

The Femme series comes with broader-based and shorter-nosed saddles for women's butts, narrower handlebars for the feminine grip, and so much more. Different lines are priced between $1000 to $5000, depending on whether you are looking for simple commuter bikes or racing bikes.

Jamis Youth: For Kids Only

Jamis Bicycles - Youth

The Jamis Youth comes in a variety of colors and designs. There are mountain bikes made for teenagers which are priced between $200 to $400, so that your teenagers can join you on some easy trail rides.

For the younger ones, Jamis developed a series of youth coasters, complete with Jamis training wheels or be fitted with others like SUNLITE HD Adjustable Training Wheels for first-timers - the price ranging from $150 to $300.

Did you know...?

Jamis Xenith Ultegra Dyad High Modulus carbon fiber M40/M41 road bike (Used - 3599.99 USD)

Did you know that the immensely popular Jamis Dakarline of bicycles mostly use 27.5'' wheels?

While this may seem like an unusual wheel size, it strikes a perfect balance between the lighter 26-inches which allows for faster acceleration, and the heavy-duty 29ers which offer fantastic off-road performance. Some experts have commented that 27.5'' is the ideal wheel size for bikes.

Last Word About Jamis Bicycles

For more information you are invited to visit Jamis bicycles official website.

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