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2023 SCOTT Foil RC 30 Dura Ace ENVE 6.7  Continental GP5000 STR Size 56 (Used - 11000 USD)2023 SCOTT Foil RC 30 Dura Ace ENVE 6.7 Continental GP5000 STR Size 56
(Used - 11000 USD)
2023 Scott Spark RC World Cup EVO MD (New Other) (New other (see details) - 10749.99 USD)2023 Scott Spark RC World Cup EVO MD (New Other)
(New other (see details) - 10749.99 USD)
SCOTT Foil RC Ultimate Bike. 54cm (New - 10500 USD)SCOTT Foil RC Ultimate Bike. 54cm
(New - 10500 USD)
SCOTT Spark 900 Ultimate EVO AXS - Sm - NEW (New - 10300 USD)SCOTT Spark 900 Ultimate EVO AXS - Sm - NEW
(New - 10300 USD)

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Facts About Scott Bicycles

Founded 1958
Country of Origin USA
Headquarters Givisiez, Switzerland
Type Private
Parent Beat Zaugg
Core Products Bicycle, winter equipment, motorsports gear, sportswear
Special Feature Light triathlon and road frames; Twin Loc suspension; E-bikes
Website http://www.scott-sports.com


Like Specialized Bikes, Scott has equipment and parts to thank for its existence.

Did you know...?

Scott Bicycles

Did you know that the world-famous Orica-GreenEDGE cycling team uses Scott bicycles?

The Australian team has won numerous accolades despite being only two years old. Their most impressive achievements include making a clean sweep of the 2013 Australian National Road Race Championships. Part of their success is due to their super Scott bicycles, specially engineered to deliver an optimal blend of comfort, speed, and durability.


It started with the invention of the aluminum ski pole by American engineer Ed Scott in 1958. The invention proved so revolutionary that it replaced the steel and bamboo poles used at that time and led to the establishment of the company Scott USA. Interestingly enough, the first product related to cycling from Scott was motocross goggles, followed by motocross grips, boots, and accessories.

The Aerodynamic Handlebar

It was not until 1986 that the first of the Scott bicycles, a mountain bike, was introduced. However, three years later, Scott invented the aerodynamic handlebar, one of the most significant innovations in cycling. With this new invention, cyclist Greg LeMond won the Tour de France by seconds over his closest rival. The aerodynamic handlebar has proven so advantageous that it is a must in time trials and triathlons.

First Mountain Bike with Suspension Fork

Scott continued with his innovations and in 1991, Scott introduced the first mountain bike with a suspension fork called "Unishock".

Scott USA was renamed Scott Sports and the headquarters relocated to Switzerland to underscore its focus on the European market. The majority of the company's shares were sold to the Chicago investment fund Zell/Chilmark to raise more funds for expansion.

And expansion did follow with the introduction of Endorphin, the first carbon mountain bike from Scott Bicycles. It racked up victories at the World Cup and the Olympic Games, establishing the brand as a cycling legend.

The G-Zero, Genius, Plasma and Addict

In 1998, Scott launched the G-Zero, the lightest full-suspension bike in the world, and in 2003 topped this with the CR1, the lightest frame in the market.

Also in the same year, Scott launched the Genius, a full-suspension mountain bike with a shock that could be adjusted to three modes - lock-out, all travel, and traction. The bike was instrumental in winning the marathon event at the World Championships.

Innovation after innovation followed for Scott Bikes. In 2005, the company introduced Plasma, the lightest triathlon frame available, and in 2007 it launched the Addict, the lightest road frame.

Also in that year, Scott Bicycles applied its Integrated Molding Process to its Nude TC shock and came up with the lightest full-suspension bike. A second-generation Genius bike was introduced in 2009, followed by a new Twin Loc suspension, the Scale, which is the lightest MTB carbon frame to date as well as an E-bike system in partnership with Bosch.

Categories of Bicycles

There are five categories of Scott bikes: Mountain, Road, E-Bike, Hybrid and Fixie. Different models in each category utilize the unique Scott technologies for men, women, and youth.


Mountain Spark, Scale, Genius, Aspect, Voltage, Gambler, Voltage, Contessa
Road Foil, Cyclocross, CR1, Speedster, Metrix, Plasma, Contessa
E-Bike Mountain, City/Urban
Hybrid Sub, Venture, Sportster, Metrix
Fixie OTG

Other Scott Products

The company that makes Scott Bikes also sells biking apparel for men, women and youth as well as foot wear, protective gear, accessories like sunglasses, bags and bike parts. Other than paraphernalia related to Scott Bikes, the company supplies gear and equipment for winter sports, motorsports, and running. Take a look:

Scott Bicycles
Scott Bicycles
Scott Bicycles

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