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Cheap Bicycles
Cheap Bicycles
Cheap Bicycles

Buy cheap bicycles on eBay

When I first started cycling, I only had enough money to invest in cheap bicycles. Although these bikes were by no means competition-standard, they were perfectly sufficient for my day-to-day cycling practice and helped me build up my fundamental skills at a low cost.

If you would like to start cycling but are put off by the prohibitive costs of high-end cycling equipment or are seeking an inexpensive bike for regular practice, a cheaper bicycle may just be the thing for you.

Expensive Bicycles vs. Cheap Bicycles

A distinction must be made between low-end professional bicycles and flimsy, poorly-made ones targeted at those who only cycle very occasionally. Low-end professional bicycles are much sturdier and more durable than those you might find at a thrift store. They aren’t “cheap” per se – just more affordable than their top-end counterparts. Here are the key differences between cheap and expensive professional bikes.

Quality of Materials

  • High-end bicycles are made out of more expensive materials than cheap bicycles. The metal used in expensive bicycles (steel, aluminum, and sometimes titanium) is more long-lasting and more lightweight.

Different Accessories

  • Expensive bikes tend to have the trigger-type gear control levers preferred by professional cyclists for faster and more accurate gear switching.
  • Cheaper bikes usually feature thumb-type shifters which may be more uncomfortable or respond more slowly.


  • High-end bicycles are often more durable than lower-end ones.
  • Although a cheap and well-made professional bike will provide loads of mileage, it will generally need servicing more frequently than a more expensive one.

Should I Buy a Cheap Bicycle?

If they aren’t as good as their more expensive cousins, then why buy cheap professional bicycles at all?


  • If you can’t afford a top-notch bike, don’t spend years saving up for one. You’ll miss out on countless hours of practice when a cheap bicycle from a reliable manufacturer will meet most of your cycling needs.
  • Often, only professional cyclists can afford the best racing bikes – it’s worth the money to them because they make their living from cycling competitions.

Cyclist’s Needs

  • High-end bicycles can cost several thousand dollars. They are a massive investment that must be considered very carefully.
  • If you aren’t participating in professional competitions, do you need such an expensive racing bicycle? The answer is probably no. Get a cheaper bicycle and save yourself some money.

My Recommended Cheap Bicycles

Despite their decidedly affordable prices, these bicycles deliver the speed and durability demanded by more serious cyclists. They’ve all earned a multitude of glowing reviews on bicycle review websites.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Cheap Bicycles

This bicycle boasts a handcrafted steel frame that promises a stable ride and stellar durability. In response to criticism that many cheap bicycles do not provide riders with a fixed-gear option, this bicycle has been designed with a flip-flop hub so that it can be ridden in both fixed-gear and single-speed modes.

It’s not just about performance, however – this bicycle has also earned rave reviews for its eye-catching streamlined design and bold colors!

Schwinn Women’s SX2000 Bicycle

Cheap Bicycles

This bike is capable of handling uneven terrain on cross-country bicycle trails thanks to its sturdy aluminum frame, padded bike seat, and shock-absorbing front fork. The lightweight frame allows even the most petite of female riders to control the bicycle with ease. Another welcome feature is the Promax alloy linear-pull brakes. These brakes are responsive enough for swift emergency braking and also allow for more precise braking.

Huffy Women’s Good Vibration Bike

Cheap Bicycles

This is one of the most affordable bicycles in its price class. For such a cheap bicycle, its classic steel cruiser frame is very resilient. This bike’s greatest strength is its lightweight. It makes cruising on flat terrain an absolute breeze and also makes the bike incredibly easy to steer. It doesn’t hurt that this is a truly good-looking machine that’s sure to turn heads when you cycle around town!

Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle

Cheap Bicycles

When it comes to comfortable cycling at a reasonable price, this Schwinn bicycle is second to none. An impact-absorbing front fork, a heavily padded saddle, pedal straps to help your feet stay comfortably on the bike pedals and smooth dual pivot road brakes combine to give you a seamless, luxurious ride.

Where to Buy Cheap Bicycles Online?

If you are interested in buying cheap bicycles there is always an option for them online in one of these trusted online stores:

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Last Word About Buying Cheap Bicycles

You don’t need an exorbitantly priced bicycle to develop brilliant cycling skills. These high-quality, low-price machines will more than suffice.

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