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I know that buying new bicycles can be stressful at times. It’s like buying anything that costs a fair amount of money: some of the general rules for these purchases, from houses to cars to furniture, are very similar.

You want quality at a good price, something that will last and be reliable, and, of course, something that looks good.

Don’t be fooled by flashy online advertisements that say, “This is the best bike on the market!”. Do your research. Cross-check online reviews. Most importantly, ask people who know what’s what when it comes to bikes. Your local bike shops will usually be more than happy to help you out.

That said, here is a list of important things to know when buying your first new bike and how to go about it.

Tips For Buying New Bicycles

  • Search through bicycle websites – Talk to local bike dealers or cycling enthusiasts, and figure out which brands generally produce the best quality bikes of the kind you want. Browse through my web pages for my recommendations. Brand recognition makes it much easier to look for that new bike in-store or online, and it removes the stress of reading every single bike tag.
  • Try it out – Take new bicycles for a test drive. Test the responsiveness of the bicycle brakes and the ease of gear changes. Listen for suspicious squeaks, clicks, or scrapes going on as you pedal.
  • Did you know...?

    New Bicycles

    Did you know that aluminum and carbon fiber are the two most popular materials for bicycle frames?

    Carbon fiber is both stronger and more lightweight, but it tends to cost significantly more. If you need to compromise due to budget concerns, try looking for a bicycle that has a predominantly aluminum frame with certain parts such as the seat post made out of carbon fiber.

  • Check the bicycle parts - Ask about the materials used to manufacture the bike. Plastic is okay for things like clamp covers and or gear covers. However, you want light durable metals like steel, titanium, or aluminum for the main parts of your bike, such as the bicycle frame and handlebars.
  • Know your budget - New bicycles can be quite expensive: they can even seem outrageously priced. Talk to your dealer about what you can get in your price range, then try out a few different bikes to see which one feels best to you and fits your criteria.
  • If you buy bicycles online, read all the information the website gives you - Even the small print can be important in telling you if the bike has had upgrades or, on the other hand, previous damage. Shipping restrictions and costs are often an important factor as well, including customs fees. Find out how your bike will be shipped, too.
  • Make sure the bike fits! - When buying new bicycles, bicycle sizing could be the most important thing. When you sit on the seat, make sure that your feet can touch the ground. This is very important if you need to brake for a quick stop or put your foot down to manage a tight corner. Going to the other extreme, a bike that is too small can be hard on your knees when you pedal. Look for an adjustable seat.
  • Ask about warranties and basic bicycle maintenance - If you're buying brand new, make sure you know what your purchase warranty includes. Sometimes you might want to purchase an extra warranty just in case. Also, ask if the price or warranty includes free tune-ups or anything extra like that. This can save you money in both the short and long run.
  • Know the style of bike you want, and the necessary criteria for a perfect fit - It's a good idea to bring this information with you when you go out to new bicycles. You don't want to take home a beach cruiser bicycle if you went out to get a speedy commuter bicycle.

Buying New Bicycles Online

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Last Word About Buying New Bicycles

Cycling gives you a great feeling of freedom, and it's an excellent form of exercise, much less stressful than driving a car. And, one more comment... Once you have your new toy, take good care of it. Lock it up and it will be yours for a long time.

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