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sell your bicycle
Read here to learn how to sell your bicycle

If you are planning to buy a new bicycle, and you have an old one that you don’t use, then it is the right time to sell your bike.

There are many sites that you can visit if you want to do some research on how you can sell your bicycle properly without too much hassle. The resale of old stuff may seem to be a Herculean task, but it can be quite easy.

If you would like to learn how to sell a bicycle, you have to get to know the basics of bicycle sales.

Why? Because knowing how to sell a bike will help you get the right price for your bike. It might be hard to find a buyer and even harder to find a good price. But follow these guidelines, and you will find that it is not too complicated.

Tip: Service Your Bike

Sell Your Bicycle

You're not going to get a very good price for your used bicycle if it comes with rusty gears and broken wheel spokes.

It's always advisable to repair any dirty or broken parts before putting the bike up for auction. In the long run, you're likely to recoup the costs of servicing your bike by getting a better selling price.

Online Tools To Sell Your Bicycle

To sell your bike, you need to do extensive research on how you can get the best deals and options- whether online or not. Fortunately, there are many websites that you can use to figure out your prospects when it comes to selling your bicycle.

  • Advertising Websites:You should learn about some advertising tools that you can use to promote your endeavor. Where can you advertise online? Finding a reliable advertising website will allow you to look for the perfect buyer.
  • Auction Sites: Websites with auctions can help you to sell your bicycle. Some of them even offer a bicycle exchange feature: you can exchange your used bicycle for a new one, depending on who bids for your bicycle.
  • eBay: When going to sell your bicycle online I would recommend to try using eBay. Read here and learn how to sell a bicycle with eBay.
  • Other Websites: Look at this cool Australian bicycle exchange web site. You can also use this bicycle exchange web site.

How to sell a bicycle - Asking For The Price

Another thing that you have to keep in mind before you sell a bicycle is to ask for its price. This is usually the hardest part because you do not want to settle for a low price.

Tip: Focus on the Good Stuff

Sell Your Bicycle

Try looking at your bike's flaws from a positive perspective - as the saying goes, one man's meat is another man's poison.

For example, your bike might not be spacious, but its lightweight and small frame make it portable, fast, and petite enough for female riders. Focus on those points when putting up your bike ad.

One way of solving this problem is to look at the prices of bikes at garage sales. That gives you an idea of how to gauge the price of your bike. One price factor is the condition of the bike.

If your bicycle has been heavily used, it should generally be lower in price than a brand-new bicycle. Remember that a used bike is worth only what the buyer is willing to pay for it.

That being said, keep in mind that there is a huge market for any kind of antique bicycle. You may consider selling your (very) vintage bicycle too!

How to sell a bike - Additional Factors

Do Your Homework

The key here is to research your market well. If your bike is a vintage piece, find out about collectors. The words "vintage" and "collectible" excite those who want to add to their collection. For a collector, the older the item gets, the more valuable it is - as always, depending on the item's condition. You are welcome to read more about classic vintage bicycles here.

Make sure to keep your bicycle in great condition, even if it is old or used. That increases the interest level of your potential customers. Another important piece of information that you have to include in your advertisement is the size of the bike.

Sell Bicycle With Honesty

A major point to keep in mind while trying to sell your bicycle is, to be honest with your advertising. Be honest about the condition of the bike you are selling. Never use the terms "mint", "perfect condition" or "brand-new" if they don't apply to your bike.

How to Sell Your Bicycle Online?

If you are interested in selling your bicycle online, the best and most trusted online store is eBay. Take a look:

Colnago C68 Disc Gioiello Dura-Ace Di2 9200 Disc Road Bike 53cm Limited (New other (see details) - 80000 USD)Colnago C68 Disc Gioiello Dura-Ace Di2 9200 Disc Road Bike 53cm Limited
(New other (see details) - 80000 USD)
Tom Pidcock's Team INEOS Pinarello Dogma F Dura-Ace Di2 Road Bike - 46.5cm (Used - 35000 USD)Tom Pidcock's Team INEOS Pinarello Dogma F Dura-Ace Di2 Road Bike - 46.5cm
(Used - 35000 USD)
fowler bicycle 🇺🇸 History Race Bike Year 1890s (Used - 29000 USD)fowler bicycle 🇺🇸 History Race Bike Year 1890s
(Used - 29000 USD)
orange bike lot dh retro vintage 224 ms isle blood crush evo2 (Used - 25000 USD)orange bike lot dh retro vintage 224 ms isle blood crush evo2
(Used - 25000 USD)

Bicycles for sale on eBay.com


These are just a few pointers to remember when you sell your bike. If you keep them in mind, you will have no trouble at all in selling your bike.

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