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Bicycle Repair School
Bicycle Repair School
Bicycle Repair School

Bicycle repair school allows you to get bicycle repair classes and to become a bicycle mechanic, or just to become the master of your bike. By being your bicycle mechanic you can avoid the constant trips to the bicycle shop and you can save extra time and money.

Traditional Bicycle Repair School

The traditional bicycle repair school refers to getting bicycle repair classes at a local bike store. One wonderful example of such classes in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia is the Park Tool School. However, its presence is strongest in North America. Anyhow, just about any bike shop could give you classes and teach you what you need to know.

Advantages of attending a traditional bicycle repair school

  • Expert advice: The instructors are usually professional bike mechanics, so you are sure you are getting the best possible advice regarding bicycle repair.
  • Hands-on experience: A bicycle repair class offers a unique hands-on experience where you can try some of the techniques on a real bicycle. Since you will be practicing in the presence of a mechanic, you will get all the assistance necessary.
  • Coherent & consistent material: Most bicycle repair classes use a set coursework and syllabus. Therefore, you will not end up confused by different classes or different teachers since the material and the techniques will remain the same. Since these are professional classes, you can expect the material to be thoroughly tested before it is presented to participants.

Disadvantages of getting traditional bicycle repair classes

  • Training only for participants: The major problem with a traditional bicycle repair school is that you need to find a bike store that is teaching these classes and you need to attend them regularly to learn the techniques and methods.
  • Subscription fees: Some bike stores do not charge for the classes but most do. It will not be a lot but it will still cost you something.

On-line Bicycle Repair School

Bicycle Repair School

The internet has revolutionized learning everywhere. Therefore, it is not difficult to gain access to some very detailed videos that can provide you with a virtual bicycle training class.

Note: When taking online bicycle repair classes try to watch different videos and read different books and articles on each subject. You can’t be fully confident that the advice given in one single video or article is the correct one, so be skeptical and do a bit of reading before attempting to do something on your own.

Advantages of getting online bicycle repair classes

  • Accessible from virtually anywhere: The best thing about an online bicycle repair class is that you can access it from anywhere on your PC or mobile.

    Tip: If you're new to bike repair, join a traditional bicycle repair school

    Bicycle Repair School

    If you don't know how to use a hex wrench or a repair stand, it's best that you join a traditional bicycle repair school until you've learned the fundamentals.

    By then, you may have enough skills and knowledge to learn something from an online course.

    This is great if you need to stay in touch while on the move. Moreover, you can control what and how much of the material you want to watch. You can also simply pause, stop, or rewind the video or audio instructions at any time.

  • No Subscription Fees: Most online bicycle repair classes do not require subscription fees because they are sponsored by bicycle stores or generate income through advertisements. This is great if you only want to attend a single class or need information on a particular part of your bicycle.
  • Variety: Many online training classes may offer slightly different techniques and methods to repair your bike. This would allow you to compare the best method and get away with the best advice.

Disadvantages of online bicycle repair school

  • No hands-on experience: The major problem with online classes is that you will not get hands-on experience.

    This means you will not be able to practice your techniques on the scene with a professional watching over your shoulder and pointing out your mistakes, you won't be given any tips and tricks on the go either.

    Since you probably do not have a bicycle just to practice with, your only option would be to try it on your bicycle, which may not be such a good idea on every occasion, as you don't want to perform certain procedures on your bike and then end up with a bike unable to ride for quite a while until you find the time to fix the mess you've just created.

  • Using your bike: Since you probably do not have a bicycle just to practice with, your only option would be to try it on your bicycle. It might not be a good idea on every occasion: you don't want to perform certain procedures on your bike.

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