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Find a bicycle repair stand Online

Every serious cyclist needs to get himself a decent bicycle repair stand. Most cycling enthusiasts will need to perform repairs or modifications at some point in their career, whether to repair a broken gear or change a wheel. It may require some spare bicycle parts, a reliable set of tools, and, most importantly, a work stand. Some people build their bicycle repair stand so that they would be able to save their precious time and money for repairs, and the cost of buying a repair stand. However, in the following tips, I will give you a reason to use your bike repair stand rather than trying to make it yourself.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Repair Stand

Did you know that turning your bicycle upside down for cleaning and maintenance can severely damage your bike frame, seat, and handlebars?

Bicycle repair stands allow you to elevate your bike to the required height so you can easily access the derailleurs, tire treads, brakes, hubs, bottom brackets, and other essential bicycle parts. You won't have to turn your bike upside down for repair ever again with a proper bike stand.

3 Reasons To Use A Bicycle Repair Stand

1. Efficiency and Convenience

Having your bicycle repair stand will save you much effort when it comes to holding your bike and trying to keep it steady while you are doing the necessary repairs. Apart from that, you can also do the repairs at your convenience with your trusty bike repair stand within easy reach.

Ultimately, you will be able to do your work more efficiently if you have this tool with you. This is what I like about having my bike repair stand. I don't have to carry my bike, and I don't have to wait for the repair shop to open. I can simply do it on my own whenever I need to.

2. Stability

The main problem with a homemade bicycle repair stand is that it probably wouldn't provide you with the stable platform that you need for your repairs, and the durability could be questionable. Things could snap, and you don't want it to break while you are working on your bike. If you buy a ready made bicycle work stand you can avail it according to your specifications. One important thing to remember is that the larger the base, the more stable the repair stand will be.

3. Save Money

Ironically, a repair stand is cheaper when you buy it rather than when you build it. Even those high-end repair stands that come from reputable bike stores turn out to be very affordable. In addition to this, if you can learn simple bike repair tasks- you will be able to save more money and get back what you paid when you bought the repair stand.

Functions of Bike Work Stands


  • Some parts of a bike, such as the derailleur, are difficult to work on because they're located on the lower portion of the bicycle. Also, most repair work requires you to spin the wheels which means the wheels must be off the floor.
  • Work stands to provide easy access to any area of the bike because they contain adjustable height mechanisms that can elevate or lower the bike as needed.
  • If you don't invest in a bicycle repair stand, you'll need to make complicated repairs while you're lying on your back, squeezed into the tiny space under your bike. Turning your bicycle upside-down is an even worse idea because the handlebars may be damaged by the weight of the bike. The more sensible solution is to elevate your bicycle.


  • When you're performing delicate work on your bicycle, the last thing you want is for your bicycle to roll around as you're repairing it. You need the bicycle to hold perfectly still so that you can perform your modifications as precisely as possible. A work stand locks your bike in place for more efficient and accurate modification work.

What Bicycle Repair Stand Do I Need?

There is a wide variety of bike stands available to cyclists, and it can be difficult to make a choice. Here are three questions you should ask yourself before investing in a bicycle work stand.

  1. How Often Do I Perform Bike Modifications? - If you perform bike modifications very infrequently, you're probably better off with a foldable bike stand. Since you will only very rarely need the work stand, there's no point getting in a heavy-duty one that will just take up precious space in your garage. A foldable one can be easily packed away when you don't need it.
  2. How Heavy Is My Bicycle? - If you own a heavy mountain bike, be wary of cheap work stands with hollow metal frames. Over time, the frames may buckle under the weight of the bicycle, ruining the repair stand. These lightweight stands are better suited to light cruiser bikes.
  3. How Big Is My Bicycle? - A bigger bicycle will need to be elevated more during repair work. In general, the greater the height adjustment range, the more expensive the bicycle work stand, so pick a repair stand with a height adjustment mechanism that meets your needs.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Repair Stand

Did you know that most cycling enthusiasts have two bicycle work stands?

One is a heavy stand with an extremely sturdy frame. This offers fantastic stability and is great for making extensive repairs or modifications at home. The other is a lightweight, ultraportable stand for bicycle touring or races.

Suggested Bicycle Work Stands

Kettler Profi Bicycle Workstand

Bicycle Repair Stand

Kettler Profi Bike Work Stand - This is one of the most practical work stands around with a hand tray to hold your bicycle repair tools, a heavy-gauge steel frame for added stability and turning clamps that are capable of rotating a full 360 degrees. It will make your bike modification work so much more efficiently.

Feedback Sports Elite Repair Stand

Bicycle Repair Stand

Feedback Sports Pro Elite Repair Stand - This bicycle work stand is perfect for bicycles of unusual size or shape. It has rubber jaws that can accommodate bicycle frames up to 2.6 inches thick and rotate a full 360 degrees. This repair stand also boasts formidable durability with rust-proof, red-anodized aluminum tubing.

Park Tool Home Bicycle Repair Stand

Bicycle Repair Stand

This stand is incredibly sturdy and durable, with superior clamping power. Rather than crawling on your hands and knees to repair, this stand allows you to stand: you can match your bike to any height you need to work comfortably, reducing strain on your back and keeping your hands free to work.

Likewise, the flexible clamping options allow you to place your bike in any position - upside down or on its head, depending on what you need to access. This stand is easy to install and also folds up for convenient storage.

Topeak PrepStand Max Bicycle Repair Stand

Bicycle Repair Stand

This is an ultra-lightweight alternative to some of the heftier bicycle repair stands on the market, but it is just as strong as the other leading stands, with rubber jaws that will keep your wheels fixed and still as you tweak and tune - a firm hold that won't harm or damage.

The tripod stance makes setup a breeze, and the retractable legs make storage just as easy; slip this stand in a closet, under the bed, or anywhere its narrow frame can fit. This stand is also flexible enough to accommodate most frames, tubes, and metals.

Cycle Pro Bicycle Repair Stand

Bicycle Repair Stand

Aluminum Cycle Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand Rack Bike - Stability is the name of the game with this Aluminum Cycle repair stand. The stand's head is not only fully rotatable through 360 degrees but has multiple pins to hold the head in place at any angle. Moreover, the levers allow for precise adjustment of the work sאand without compromising stability.

Tip: Conduct your bike repairs to save cash

Bicycle Work Stands

Most people take it for granted that they have enough to always take their bicycle to the repair shop whenever necessary. A bicycle repair stand is just what you need to handle regular bicycle repairs in-house saving your cash for the more serious ones.

It is one of the bicycle repair tools to consider especially given the regularity of some repairs and the damage you can inflict by standing your bicycle upside down during repairs.

Buying a Bicycle Repair Stand Online

If you are interested in buying a bicycle repair stand you can buy it in one of these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Repair Stand
Bicycle Repair Stand
Bicycle Repair Stand

Recommended Books About Bicycle Repair

More information about bicycle repair can be found in several informative books. Take a look at these selected books:

Bicycle Work Stands
Bicycle Work Stands
Bicycle Work Stands

Last Word About Bicycle Repair Stand

A bike requires a bit of tweaking here and there constantly, and I love to do it. There's nothing more annoying and uncomfortable than trying to reach certain spots when the bike is on the floor instead of at a desirable and convenient height. Whether you're a professional or amateur biker rider, I'm sure that with the help of the bicycle repair stand you will find doing bike repairs a learning experience for you.

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