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Build Your Own Bicycle
Build Your Own Bicycle
Build Your Own Bicycle

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To build your bicycle is the biggest task of the entire biking experience. But trust me, there can be no more rewarding feeling than riding your very own bicycle just the way you imagined it.

Tip: Know Your Skill Level

Bicycle building is not for novices. It requires an intimate understanding of bicycle parts. If you've only just started riding, the chances are low that you'll possess enough knowledge about bicycles to build one successfully. You're better off buying a ready-made bike.

Yes, it's true! It's the same feeling I had upon completing my first build. It was perfectly geared as I hoped it would be. Thanks to the bike shop owner on my street who helped me with choosing the parts, and my friends who helped me assemble the gears- I could not have done it on my own.

You might be planning to build your bicycle - and that's why you're reading this. It's a fact that when you build a bike yourself, you encounter some obstacles along the way. To help you overcome those, here are some useful tips on how to build your bicycle.

How to Build a Bicycle?

First Stop - Do Some Research

Before you decide to build a custom bicycle, know what you're dealing with. What I mean is, know which model you would like to build, and make a list of the parts that you'll need. And while you're on it, try browsing for some new models that you might find interesting. Try checking out images of custom bicycles. A custom bicycle usually has creative designs that might help activate your imagination or, better yet, customize a bike of your own.

Second Stop - The Road Trip

Before you start to build your bicycle, first visit some local shops and see which parts they have there. Try to make friends with the locals because they can offer you some important tips and special discounts later on, and also create a rough estimate of the cost so you won't be overwhelmed later. Let's face it, to build your bicycle, you will need to spend over some quality parts, but with proper negotiating techniques, you'll be able to save some money.

Third Stop - Collect Custom Bicycle Parts

Now that you know what you need and where to find it, start collecting parts- beginning with the main frame down to the last bolt.

Pit stop: You can buy other custom bicycle parts online in the later stages. Make sure you purchase the most basic and main parts.

Fourth Stop - Start Building

Start with choosing the right style and color for your frame, though it might mean you'll have to paint it yourself.

Pit stop: If you don't have the proper skills and equipment for a paint job, then you'll have to seek help from an expert. The same is true when installing the difficult parts. Sometimes it is hard to figure out which part goes where. If this is the first time you are going to build custom bicycles, seek help from professionals to avoid wasting your time and your money over broken parts.

Fifth Stop - Fitting and Setting

If you decide to build your bicycle with multi bicycle gears, you would have to set the gears so they would shift properly. Do some short testing before you go on real road tests. Remember! Safety is Crucial.

Pit Stop: Remember to keep those spare parts because you'll never know when you'll need them again.

Tip: Buy Used Parts

Building a bicycle is often more expensive than buying a ready-made one. If you don't have a very big budget, try buying second-hand parts as much as possible. Parts like handlebars, for example, are not very susceptible to wear and tear and may be bought second-hand from reliable dealers.

Finish Line on How to Build a Bicycle

When all testing and fitting is done, and you are pretty sure that your very own bicycle is road-worthy, take it for a ride. It's the ride that you've been waiting for. Reward yourself! There surely are lots of steps to deal with when building your bicycle and you might encounter many obstacles along your way to the finish line, but the experience will be worth your while. All you need is good planning, patience, and good friends to help you out.

Tip: Learn to Use Your Tools

For most of us, bike repair and maintenance are merely incidental skills we pick up in the course of our cycling career. However, building a bicycle is nearly impossible if you can't wield your tools properly so make sure you get a good education in bike repair and maintenance first. The highly acclaimed book Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance is an excellent place to get started.

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