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DIY Bicycle Repair
DIY Bicycle Repair

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Knowing some DIY bicycle repair tasks can be pretty handy when it comes to saving some cash on bike repair expenses.

Cycling can be a pretty expensive hobby, especially if you are planning on getting yourself one of those high-end bikes.

Although the bulk of your expenses will, of course, start with buying the bike of your dreams, you need to understand that bicycle maintenance and repair will cost just as much. That is why you need to learn how to repair your bicycle to cut back on those expenses.

To help you out, here are five great yet simple tips on DIY bicycle repair tasks that you can do at home and that can save you from spending $$$ in bike repair shops.

Tip: If you're a complete novice, check out the Big Book of Bicycle Repair.

DIY Bicycle Repair

The Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair is a widely acclaimed manual on DIY bicycle repair. It is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Park Tools, arguably the world's foremost manufacturer of bicycle repair tools and other bicycle repair tools makers.

It's a "bible" for bike repair novices. Even if you aren't a novice, it's still a very good read to sharpen your knowledge.

Common DIY Bicycle Repair Tasks

DIY Bicycle Repair #1: Squeaking Sounds From the Wheels

DIY Bicycle Repair

This is one of the easiest problems to detect and fix. First, you need to check for the cause of the squeaking sound, which in most cases is a loosened spoke. If you find that the tension is just about the same, then the sound must be coming from spokes hitting against each other.

The easiest way to repair this is by putting your favorite bike lube on the junction. Make sure to wipe the excess clean to preserve that neat look on your bike.

For more information on how to fix bicycle wheels you are invited to visit my page about bicycle wheel repair.

DIY Bicycle Repair #2: Squealing When You Brake

DIY Bicycle Repair

Another annoying thing is hearing that loud and painful squealing sound whenever you hit the brakes.

One tip is to clean the rim by wiping it off, removing any oil or cleaning residue that may have been left behind during previous repairs. Do this with a clean rag and with some isopropyl alcohol. The same applies to disk brake rotors. If not, loosen the pads and toe it in (make the front end of the pad touch the rim first before the back end, not at the same time.)

DIY Bicycle Repair #3: Creaking Sounds When Pedaling

Another annoying problem that many cyclists face is that creaking sound that resonates whenever they pedal. Although this is not a serious problem, it can still cause the rider to feel a bit worried for fear of the pedal loosening or giving away.

DIY Bicycle Repair

The common solution to this problem is tightening those crank arm bolts by using a wrench. If this doesn't solve the problem, then you'll have to get more tools and remove the arm. Apply some grease on the spindle, and put the arm back.

Note: removing the arms can be tricky and even though you loosen the chain they might still be stuck in place. There are some tools to help you remove the arm, but most people don't own one of those tools. In that case, you can grab a piece of wood and a hammer, place the wood piece on the opposite side of the crank, and hit it in a way that pushes the crank out.

DIY Bicycle Repair #4: Loose Brakes

Another worrying problem that could mean a terrible accident for the rider is the feeling that the brakes aren't working properly. Sometimes you feel that the brakes are too loose to pull your bike to a stop.

DIY Bicycle Repair

One tip is to check if the brake cables are too loose. In that case, turn the brake-adjuster barrel counterclockwise. While you are doing so, notice the brake pads moving closer to the rim. Continue doing so until you feel that the brake pad's grip is good enough.

If that didn't do the trick then grab an Allen key and loosen the cable where it holds to the caliper, then pull the cable a little bit further and tighten the bolt again, to make the pads get closer to the rim or the disk rotor. Running hydraulic disk brakes or rim brakes is another story. They might need a fresh bleed, and that could be done by yourself provided that you have the proper tools to do it, including the Syringes, or just take it to a repair shop and ask them to bleed the brakes for you. For more information on how to fix a bicycle brake, you are invited to visit my page about bicycle brake repair.

DIY Bicycle Repair #5: Brake Pads Dragging on the Rims

DIY Bicycle Repair

One reason for this is that the wheel may be off. Thus, the first step to do is to remove the wheel and realign or re-center it. If this doesn't solve the problem, then move on to re-center the brake pads. You can do this by adjusting that small screw you find on top of the caliper and adjusting the pads as necessary.

Where to Buy DIY Bicycle Repair Tools?

If you are interested in buying DIY bicycle repair tools you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

DIY Bicycle Repair
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DIY Bicycle Repair


Riding a bike is a fun hobby, but can be a burden to the pocket when problems occur. It can also take lots of riding time while you leave the bike at the shop for repair. By arming yourself with simple yet helpful knowledge about basic bicycle maintenance, you can enjoy riding without having these annoying noises. Click here to read more about basic bicycle maintenance and about bicycle repair.

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