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Handlebar Handlebar Saddle Saddle Seat post Seat Tube Seat Stay Rear Shock Rear Shock Rear Brake Chain Front Brake Front Brake Crank Arm Pedal Valve Spoke Rim Hub Tire Suspension Fork Suspension Fork Head tube Handlebar Grip Brake Lever Shifter Stem Down tube Down tube Top tube list of bicycle parts

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Frame: [ Seat Stay ] [ Seat Tube ] [ Head tube ] [ Down tube ] [ Top tube ]
Handlebar [ Handlebar ] [ Handlebar Grip ] [ Shifter ] [ Stem ] [ Brake Lever ]
Pedals & Brakes: [ Crank Arm ] [ Pedal ] [ Front Brake ] [ Rear Brake ]
Wheels & Tires: [ Spoke ] [ Rim ] [ Hub ] [ Tire ] [ Valve ]
Suspension: [ Suspension Fork ] [ Rear Shock ]
Handlebar & Saddle: [ Saddle ] [ Seat Post ]

List of Bicycle Parts

Bicycle Saddle - Among the long list of bicycle parts, the saddle is unique. Nothing can cause more discomfort when cycling than an uncomfortable seat. Make sure you know what to look for when buying a new bicycle seat

Bicycle Brakes - Bicycle brakes are probably the most important parts of your bike, at least from the safety point of view. Here is how to choose the right set of brakes for your bicycle.

Bicycle Chain - Proper bicycle chain maintenance will not only ensure less repairs, but also a smoother ride. Best of all, chain maintenance is very easy!

Bicycle Crank - Bicycle crank offers another means to customize the fit of your bike. By adjusting the bicycle crank length and the size of the chainrings, you create a better biking experience.

Bicycle Disc Brakes - An important item on this list of bicycle parts. A disc brake is a metal disc attached to the wheel hub that rotates the wheel. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of disc brakes for bicycles.

Bicycle Forks - While different road bicycle forks illustrate sleek style and class, mountain bike suspension can help you achieve new heights in your riding. Trying different styles of forks shows you how important this part of a bike can be.

Bicycle Frames - Bicycle frames are first in the list of bicycle parts, as they are the foundation of any bike. The attention you pay to choosing the best bike frame will reward you with the best cycling experience possible.

Bicycle Gears - Why are their bicycle gears? Because terrain is often changing it is a great idea to equip yourself with a bicycle capable of multiple gears. More gears mean more possibilities to find the perfect pedaling cadence.

Bicycle Handlebars - Bicycle handlebars come in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, they greatly assist in giving you the best riding position, and comfort.

Tip: Have your bicycle in front of you while you read this guide.

Bicycle Parts

Humans are inherently visual creatures. It can be very difficult to remember information without visual learning aids.

If you want to internalize all items in the list of bicycle parts, look at your bicycle while you read the article. See if you can locate every single bicycle part described here on your bicycle. By the time you're done with this little exercise, you'll have memorized all the information!

Bicycle Tires and Tubes - If you like to get the most from your bicycle ride, make sure you have the right bicycle type for your riding style. In addition, you can customize your experience further by equipping your bike with a selected list of bicycle parts, such as proper tires that are best for your riding style.

Tubeless Bicycle Tires - Many cyclists are thinking of ditching their tubes and going for tubeless bicycle tires. The 'tube versus tubeless' debate has been going on for years in the cycling community with no clear resolution. Read more...

Bicycle Inner Tubes - After having the right bicycle wheels and the best bicycle tires, it's time to choose the proper bicycle inner tubes

Bicycle Pedals - Whether clipped in or not, bicycle pedals helps to transfer your energy into speed. Whatever your riding style, there is a pedal system out there that will help you get the most from your ride.

Bicycle Wheel Parts - Gaining a rudimentary knowledge of the bicycle wheel parts will enable you to find what you are looking for when you go shopping for new wheels, or for trouble-shooting mechanical problems. Get to know your bike a little bit more.

Bicycle Wheels - Different bikes and different styles of riding demand different features. Ensuring your bike is equipped with the right wheels for you will guarantee positive results and minimal mechanical problems.

Rear Shocks - Many people think that Mountain Bike Shocks are a must for any rider. But do you need a full-suspension bike? It may be just another expense, or it may make your dreams come true!

Shimano Bicycle Components - Shimano is one of the best brands for bicycle components in the world, and I have rounded up some of the best Shimano lists of bicycle parts that could improve your bicycling experience. Check out Shimano's list of bicycle parts.

Bicycle Seat Post - A bicycle seat post is the tube that extends upward from the bicycle to attach the seat, otherwise referred to as the saddle. If you're new to biking, you will be surprised to learn there are so many choices regarding a seat post for a bicycle. Read more.

Suspension Seat Post - Why should you switch to a suspension seat post? the bicycle seat post is an important component of any bicycle. A traditional seat post could be uncomfortable and lead to back pain. A suspension seat post can solve these problems.

Thudbuster Seatpost - A special member in this list of bicycle parts, the thudbuster seatpost has modified biking comfort by providing the world with a high-quality and revolutionary seatpost that takes the phrase 'smooth ride' to a higher level. Read more about this revolutionary bicycle seat post.

Bicycle Fenders - Bicycle Fenders help you to brave the elements without the elements splashing all over your clothes - it's that simple.

Bicycle Parts Online - When you are searching for bicycle parts online, nothing makes it easier than having background knowledge. Whether you are buying new or old bicycle parts, full-priced or discount bicycle parts, or even recycled bike parts: Know what kind of bicycle parts are quality for your dollar and be an informed buyer!

Where to Buy Bicycle Parts?

You can always buy bicycle parts at the nearest bicycle store, however, if you are interested in buying bicycle parts online, you can find them in one of these trusted online stores:

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