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Bicycle Parts Online
Bicycle Parts Online
Bicycle Parts Online

Sample Bicycle Parts Online Online

There are two options to buy bicycle parts: One is to buy bicycle parts online, and the other is to buy them from a bicycle store. If you are interested in buying new bicycle parts, you can either buy them online or at a bicycle store. If you are looking for discount bicycle parts, a department store will probably be fine, but if you are looking for something more special, such as old bicycle parts or recycled bike parts, then buying these parts online – in stores such as eBay, is your best option.

About Online Shopping

Online shopping is not for everyone. Let’s examine the advantages and the disadvantages of online shopping in general, and of the process of buying bicycle parts online in particular.


  • Service availability: Online shopping is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All you need is Internet access.
  • Information: Clerks are usually available to answer your questions and to supply information in conventional stores. It can be great, but on some occasions, it can be quite a frustrating experience if the service is not that professional, and welcoming. Online stores, on the other hand, usually have rich descriptions and reviews for their products, including text, photos, and videos.
  • Comparison: Online product and price comparison services are available in many online stores.
  • Price: In most cases, online products are cheaper than in real stores. The operation cost is much lower, finding the best deal is easier, and there is no sales tax involved.
  • Return policy: If there is any problem with the item, most online shops offer free return shipping. Look for these stores.


  • No physical inspection available: In a physical retail store, the actual product is available for inspection. In online stores, only simple pictures and or descriptions of the item are available.
  • Fraud: On some low-end online stores there is a risk of fraud (misleading information, low quality or damaged merchandise, credit card fraud, etc.). Be careful.
  • Extra shipping cost: Shipping costs (if applicable) reduce the price advantage of online stores.
  • Privacy: Many consumers do not wish to supply their personal information to unknown online stores. They wish to keep their privacy and avoid spam. Stick with the famous brands.

For more information about online shopping you can visit Wikipedia.

New Bicycle Parts Online

When it comes to fixing or upgrading your bicycle, the best thing you can do is to buy new parts. Used or old bicycle parts might be cheaper, but you can never know too much about their condition. There are many websites where you can buy new bicycle parts online. Here are some of my favorite ones:

Tip: Look for online bicycle stores with a great product returns policy.

The danger with buying something online is that you can never be sure you'll like what you're receiving. Thus, always look for bicycle part sellers that offer a competitive product returns policy.

Used and Recycled Bicycle Parts Online

Buying used or recycled bicycle parts online is more complex than buying new bicycle parts online. The main problem here is that you will not have the chance to touch and feel the used part, which is so important with used parts. On the upside, used bicycle parts in good condition are quite hard to find.

Online stores might be your only chance to find exactly what you are looking for. Take a look at some of my favorite websites that are selling recycled and used bicycle parts online:

Old Bicycle Parts Online

If you like the challenge of finding used or old bicycle parts, online might be your only option, as antique and old bicycle shops are quite hard to find. Take a look at some of my favorite websites that are selling antique and old bicycle parts online:

Where to Buy Bicycle Parts Online?

If you are interested in buying bicycle parts online, such as bicycle saddles, bicycle wheels, bicycle chains, and alike, you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

What Parts Can You Find Online?

You can buy the full list of bicycle parts from online stores. Take a look at the more important ones.

Bicycle Saddle

Bicycle Parts Online

Choose a saddle that you can sit on comfortably for a long amount of time. Gel and foam seat covers are also available but if you like to have close contact with your bike finding a good seat is important.

You can find here more information about finding the best bicycle seat for you.

Bicycle Tires

Bicycle Parts Online

When you are buying a new bicycle they are already equipped with a pair of bicycle tires. This does not mean that these tires are the best fit for you. It very much depends on your bicycle riding style.

You can find here more information about buying bicycle tires and tubes to fit your cycling style.

Bicycle Brakes

Bicycle Parts Online

Every bicycle part is important, but safety wise bicycle brakes are your bike's most important component. The last thing you want is to be flying down the street unable to stop your bike as you get nearer to a stoplight and crossing traffic.

You can find here more information about bicycle brakes.

Bicycle Chains

Bicycle Parts Online

It is hard to understand how the bicycle chain can handle the load! Having the right bicycle chain will let you enjoy a smoother rider, reduce the need for maintenance work, and ensure fewer repairs.

You can find here more information about bicycle chains.

Bicycle Frames

Bicycle Parts Online

Bicycle frame is the foundation of any bike. You can look into different bicycle frames and customize your bike. This should be well researched and discussed with a bike pro before you go online, to make sure you get the right bicycle frame.

You can find here more information about bicycle frames.

Bicycle Handlebars

Bicycle Parts Online

Bicycle handlebars have a great effect on your riding experience. They come in many shapes and sizes. A major part of bicycle sizing is selecting the right bicycle handlebars.

You can find here more information about bicycle handlebars.

Bicycle Pedals

Bicycle Parts Online

Selecting the right bicycle pedals depends on what you want them for. Most of the time you'll just want something that won't break (skip the plastic ones!) and that your shoes won't slip off of. For hard-core cyclists and mountain bikers, some pedals strap to your shoes or have gripping shapes.

You can find here more information about bicycle pedals.

Bicycle Wheels

Bicycle Parts Online

After reading reviews about different bicycle wheels you can go on and buy these basic bicycle parts online. Just note that different styles of riding and different bikes require different wheels. The right wheels will guarantee minimal mechanical problems and the best riding experience.

You can find here more information about bicycle wheels.

Bicycle Inner Tubes

Bicycle Parts Online

Bicycle inner tubes are perfect if you are into buying bicycle parts online. You just have to know the size of your bicycle wheels and the type of valve you are using.

You can find here more information about bicycle inner tubes.

Rear Shocks

Bicycle Parts Online

As bicycle rear shocks will affect your mountain riding experience, my strong advice here is to try the new shock first, before you buy this crucial part online. Only after knowing the exact model you need, go ahead and buy it online: In most cases, the price will be cheaper.

You can find here more information about rear shocks.

Shimano Bicycle Components

Bicycle Parts Online

Most online stores carry quality mountain bike and road bike components. When it comes to quality, Shimano is one of the best bicycle brands in the world. They will add style, durability, and performance to your bicycle.

You can find here more information about Shimano bicycle components.

Suspension Seat Posts

Bicycle Parts Online

Some like to have a bicycle equipped with a rear shock, while others do not need any suspension on their bike. I have on one of my bicycles (Dahon folding bike) the perfect mix: the saddle is attached to a suspension seat post. I find it very comfortable!.

You can find here more information about suspension seat posts.

Bicycle Forks

Bicycle Parts Online

Try different styles of forks for road bikes and mountain bikes before you buy these bicycle parts online, as bicycle forks will dramatically affect your riding experience.

You can find here more information about bicycle forks.

Bicycle Handlebar Tapes

Bicycle Parts Online

After you have the right bicycle handlebars, you might need a good handlebar tape for your road racing bicycle. A good tape will help you stay in control.

You can find here more information about bicycle handlebar tapes.


By using these tips and information on how to buy bicycle parts online, you'll find exactly what you're looking for, for exactly the right price. Good luck and see you out on the trails!

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