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Bicycle Seat Post
Bicycle Seat Post
Bicycle Seat Post
Bicycle Seat Post

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A bicycle seat post is the tube that extends upward from the bicycle to attach the seat, otherwise referred to as the saddle. If you’re new to biking, you will be surprised to learn there are so many choices regarding a bicycle seat post. You may also be overwhelmed trying to determine which is the best for you, and your cycling needs. For all the information you will need regarding seat posts read ahead, and you’ll be making an informed decision when you buy it.

Bicycle Seat Post Overview

Bicycle seat post is usually made of steel, carbon fiber, aluminum, or titanium. On nicer, more expensive bicycles, seat posts clamp onto the seat rails. Older or inexpensive seat posts slide into a separate clamp. The amount a bicycle seat post extends from the bicycle frame can usually be adjusted depending on the rider’s height.

Did you know...?

Bicycle Seat Post

Did you know that your bicycle seat post needs regular maintenance?

Many cyclists work very hard to keep their gears and wheels in great shape but neglect their seat posts. At least once a month, you should remove your bicycle seat post for cleaning and lubricate it to ensure that it will not get jammed in its frame while you are cycling.

Types of Bicycle Seat Post

  • Plain - A plain bicycle seat post consists of a tube with a clamp at the top to attach the seat. One bolt tightens the clamp and the saddle rails at the same time. A basic seat post to check out is the Sunlite Classic Seat Post.
  • Integrated - Some high-end frames are custom made for their riders. These bicycle frames have the seat post built right into the frame, and it's cut to length for one specific rider. These seat posts are lighter, more aerodynamic, and require no clamping, but they are not adjustable. They will only work for people of one height.
  • Suspension - Suspension seat posts allow the bicycle seat to move up and down with a spring or compressed air to minimize impact from bumps. Suspension seat posts provide the most comfortable ride. A great suspension bicycle seat post is the Rockshox Reverb 125mm Seatpost.
  • Pivotal - A pivotal bicycle seat post is usually more common on a BMX bike. They have ridges at their top that match ridges on the bottom of the seat for a more flexible, but tight hold. For a great pivotal seat post check out the Animal Stump Pivotal Seatpost.
  • Seatmast and Cap - Some bikes provide seat height adjustment with this arrangement. The seat mast is an extension of the post, a cap slides into it clamps in place, and attaches to the seat.

The type of bicycle seat post you choose also greatly depends on the type of saddle (seat) you choose. For more complete information regarding bicycle saddles, visit the page about how to buy the best bicycle seat

Bicycle Seat Post Sizing

Most bicycle frames have standard seat post diameters inside and outside of the tube. Standard outside diameters are necessary because they accommodate standard parts like lugs, clamps, etc, but high-performance bicycles are made of thinner material, and therefore, the hole inside the seat post is larger.

Typically, higher quality bicycles have a larger internal diameter in the seat post. The standard for higher quality bicycles is 27.2 mm. A recent trend for an even larger seat post, or anything over 27.4 mm, has been seen on mountain bikes for extra strength. Before investing in an expensive bicycle or seat post, you must consider sizing to determine overall quality.

What Causes Seatposts Problems

One of the most common seatpost problems is slippage. Yep, slippage. Many riders have to have experienced this at least once in their riding career. The first cause of slippage is not the fault of the rider, but rather the fault of the manufacturer.

When bikes are manufactured, certain specifications about the size and diameter of the seat post and the bike's frame must be taken into consideration. Sometimes, a seatpost can be a tad smaller than what is required, for example, a seatpost of 27.2mm (as stated in the packaging) may be 27 mm flat.

The effect of this small difference may not be felt for the first few rides, but after a few more rides, especially on rough and bumpy terrains, you will notice that your seatpost is slowly sliding down. Another cause of slippage is the wrong clamp. A small clamp is okay for most road bikes, but bikes that are ridden in harsh terrains (and by heavy riders) would require a stronger and sturdier clamp like a Surly Constrictor Seatpost Clamp.

Pulling Out Seat Posts

Tip: Buy a seat post made of the right material

Bicycle Seat Post

Seat posts are made of a variety of materials today including steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium among others. Each has its best-suited application. For instance, aluminum is inexpensive and rust resistant making it great for road bikes.

Titanium is light and strong as well as resistant to minor dents hence suited to mountain bikes due to the rough riding terrain.

To prevent a seat post from getting stuck, it's important to know how to properly install the post. Some recommend using grease (such as the Finish Line Teflon Grease) when installing the seat post. My experience with using grease for this purpose is different, as grease accumulates dirt and the seat post might stick in place. I never use grease. Instead, I am changing the seat height from time to time to keep the seat post free to move inside the seat post tube.

If the seat post is made of carbon fiber never use grease. In any case, never use a hammer to install or reinstall a seat post. Read all instructions, and when in doubt, get help. That being said, if you need to pull out a seat post, the following tips may help:

  • Use a saddle instead of tools like pliers or a pipe wrench.
  • Remove bolts or clamps completely.
  • Use a bicycle work stand for a more difficult job.
  • Raise and lower a bicycle seat post straight up and down. Avoid twisting if you can.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Seat Post?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle seat post you can buy it at one of these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Seat Posts on eBay

Chiaro Seat Post Mounting Bracket With Wire Lock T-555 (Used - 1845.6 USD)Chiaro Seat Post Mounting Bracket With Wire Lock T-555
(Used - 1845.6 USD)
Saddle Post Shim/Seat Shim 27.2Mm 31.8Mm Black (Used - 1052.74 USD)Saddle Post Shim/Seat Shim 27.2Mm 31.8Mm Black
(Used - 1052.74 USD)
Rock Shox Reverb Axs Seat Post Black 30.9/6 11/16in Or 31.6/5 29/32in (New - 964.15 USD)Rock Shox Reverb Axs Seat Post Black 30.9/6 11/16in Or 31.6/5 29/32in
(New - 964.15 USD)
Rockshox Reverb Axs Seat Post 1 7/32in 5 29/32in Black SP-RVB-AXS-A1 - New (New - 598.31 USD)Rockshox Reverb Axs Seat Post 1 7/32in 5 29/32in Black SP-RVB-AXS-A1 - New
(New - 598.31 USD)

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