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Puncture Proof Bicycle Tires
Puncture Proof Bicycle Tires
Puncture Proof Bicycle Tires

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Whether you are commuting or racing, punctures are an ever-present threat. Install puncture-proof bicycle tires save time and enjoy the best riding experience. The fundamental element used in the production of puncture-proof tires is Kevlar. While this is popularly known for its use in the production of bulletproof vests and armor, it also has more subtle uses.

Did you know...?

Puncture Proof Bicycle Tires

Did you know that the more puncture-proof a tire is, the heavier it will be?

Puncture-proof tires have multiple thick layers of rubber. As you can imagine, this adds significant weight to the tire. Thus, when shopping for puncture-proof tires, always consider the weight. You need to strike a balance between weight and resilience.

Different Types of Kevlar

Kevlar beards

This variant is used for high-performance tires. In addition to the bulletproof qualities, it also reduces the weight of the tires by around 50 grams. Moreover, tires made of Kevlar beads are very popular for long-distance trainers because these tires can be easily foldable, which is great for taking them around for emergency use.

The only problem is that they are somewhat difficult to install and unless you have prior experience installing your tires, then you might find it slightly difficult. In general, this variant of puncture-proof bicycle tires works best with "hook edge" bicycle rims.

Kevlar belted tires

This type of tire uses a layer of Kevlar under the tread surface. This is aimed at making tires more resistant to low-impact objects such as thorns, nails, shards of glass, etc.

This variant also has a relatively higher rolling resistance. However, keep in mind that this includes a trade-off between quality and weight. It is also slightly more expensive.

The Best Brands Out There

Only a handful of manufacturers create superb puncture-proof bicycle tires, and the best of these include Continental, Armadillo, and Marathon.

When you look into the Continental Brands, keep an eye out for Continental Contact Security, which is known to perform extremely well in tough terrain. Continental is also known for producing very light versions of puncture-proof bicycle tires. A good example is the Continental Gatorskins.

If you are keen on Armadillo, then you should opt for the Specialized Crossroads Armadillo, which is particularly renowned for its all-weather use.

The prize for the toughest tire, however, goes to Marathon. Most tests show the Schwalbe Marathon Plus to be toughest and many riders have claimed that they have been able to ride 150+ miles without a single puncture.

Take a look at some Sample puncture proof bicycle tires:

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Schwalbe Marathon Plus: This is the kind of tire you would want to use if you are into serious off-road cycling. Slap this on your bicycle and you will get a surge of confidence. However, keep in mind that this is rather heavy and costs more than $30 per tire. Still, it is one of the best puncture-proof tires I've ever reviewed.

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Schwalbe Durano Plus Performance: This is designed for the road bike version and is heavier than the average tire. It provides very good protection and it would be great for training. However, I wouldn't recommend racing with this.

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Continental Dura Skin: this is also meant for racing and is good for winter use because it provides better handling.

How About Adding Puncture Proof Strips?

Buying a new set of puncture-proof bicycle tires is better than adding a strip, but if you don't want to change your tires, then perhaps you could add a puncture-proof strip inside your existing tires but remember that your tires will still be vulnerable to punctures from the side.


If you do opt for puncture-proof bicycle tires then your chances of a hassle-free ride will certainly increase. Moreover, you will be spending less time and money on tubes, patches, and other gear. On the downside, these tires are generally more expensive (and in some cases, heavier) than normal tires. It's a trade-off, but one that favors puncture-proof bicycle tires.

Can I Buy Puncture Proof Bicycle Tires Online?

Sure: Here are some sample bicycle tires that are puncture-proof that you can buy online:

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