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A “Light” Story About Heavy Bicycles

One day, while riding the routine 22-mile weekend bike ride near my home, my friend and I met a strange guy. He was riding a very basic, heavy bicycle and was wearing jeans and a casual T-shirt. There were no bicycling gloves on his hands, and while my friend and I had bicycle helmets, he was wearing only a hat.

We were right in the middle of our ride. We were waiting for my wife to arrive with a car, carrying spare bicycle inner tubes to fix our fifth flat tire of the day! Indeed it was a very unlucky day. The man was approaching us to ask for biking directions. At first, we thought he was a construction worker who was using his bike to move around from place to place. But then we heard his story:

Three months earlier he had left his hometown, Berlin, about 1000 miles from where we were, heading on an unlimited international bicycle tour.

I have a lot of experience with international bicycle touring, mainly day trips in and around major cities, but also many cross-country and mountain biking trips. You are invited to read more about our bicycle trip in Japan and about our Rhine River Tour.

On this website you can find stories of bicycle tours of all kinds. Some of them are guided, and some are self-guided bicycle tours. I love them all!

City Bicycle Tours: Why Ride in the City?

At first, city riding looks like the craziest act you can perform. There are several reasons for this.

Bicycle Tours

There is no place to ride, the walkways are full of pedestrians, the roads are full of cars, many stop lights are slowing you down, the air is polluted, there is no place to park your bike safely, and, above all, it is


This is why many people prefer bicycle tours in the open fields and avoid riding in major cities, even if there are many advantages to it.

My “other job” brings me to many cities around the world. But not only this – it also gives me free time there! Here are just a few cities I have visited: New York, Frankfurt, Zurich, Amsterdam, Berlin, Beijing, Munich and Brussels. There are many more.

Riding bikes is THE best way to explore a city. The reason is: that you are traveling at the ideal speed. While being able to cover large areas of the city, you are not moving too fast. You can see things. You can feel the city.

Besides traveling there are other advantages to riding your bike in the city, especially if the city mayor is thinking about you and your friends. Even New York, one of the most active and crowded places on earth, finally got it, and there are now thousands of city bike trails everywhere.

Check Out Some of My Bicycle Tours

My Bicycle Tours

Bicycle Trip in Japan – Our bicycle trip in Japan was a lifetime experience. Scenic views, country roads the food, and mainly the Japanese hospitality that bought our hearts.

New York City Bike Tours – There are many reasons to change your mind, and to try riding in one of the most crowded cities in the world. You can have guided tours, as well as guided and self-guided bicycle tours in the Big Apple.

Tip: Check with your tour operator for private or customized cycling tours.

Bicycle Tours

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all cycling tour. Often, you'll find that some of the sights along the way are not to your liking.

If you don't want to waste precious time viewing attractions that don't interest you, consider joining a private cycling tour with an itinerary customized according to your tastes and preferences. Check with your cycling tour operator for tour availability.

Rhine River Tour - Read about our self-guided bicycle tour from Frankfurt to Zurich, along the Rhine River.

Bicycle Touring In Europe - If you love traveling, and you love cycling, bicycle touring in Europe is the perfect vacation for you. It's beautiful, rewarding, inexpensive, active, and easy! Of course, you need to do your research, and you need to be prepared to travel by bicycle, so read ahead to determine if a bicycle tour in Europe is your next dream vacation.

Bicycle Tours in Slovenia - Take a look at our recent (Sep 2011) bicycling tour in beautiful Slovenia.

Cyprus Biking Adventure - Cyprus is a small island, but it still has everything a cyclist can dream of: mountain routes (the Troodos), great beaches, seaside bike rides, good food, sunny days and warm hospitality - with most people speaking English.

Cycling Tours in Germany - Second only to the ones in Switzerland, bicycle tours in Germany will give you a high-quality cycling experience. Very good maps, well-marked bicycle paths, beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and good food along the way are just a few of the many things that have made Germany so famous among lovers of bike riding.

Bicycle Tours Switzerland - My best cycling adventure! Just look and see why for yourself.

Biking in Montenegro - Biking in Montenegro was another great adventure: hilly bicycle tracks in the open air of the beautiful country of Montenegro. Our instructor used to say that "Montenegro is not like Switzerland: It is not a chocolate country".

Biking in Via Appia Antica - My wife and I just came back from a 3-day trip to Rome, Italy. We rented bikes at Via Appia Antica #60, and had a great day of bicycle riding in beautiful Rome.

Bicycle Tours Switzerland - My best cycling adventure! Just look and see why for yourself.

Biking in Zurich - Bicycle tours in Zurich are without a doubt the best way to see the sights the Swiss capital city has to offer. Read more about bicycling in one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world.

Biking In Japan - The bicycle in Japan is used for a variety of purposes including commuting, shopping, and recreation. The country's extensive and well-maintained network of roads is also a plus.

My Bicycle Tours in India - There are many websites that focus on bicycle tours in India. In this page I will not even try to cover this huge subject: instead, I would like to share with you my own experience of riding bicycles in India.

Biking in Thailand - Biking in Thailand is a great way to explore this wonderful country: Biking in Bangkok, Pattaya, From Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai and more.

Biking in Bangkok - Just like in New York, bike riding in Bangkok looks like an impossible thing to do. The city center is so crowded that you can hardly move- by taxi, by tuk-tuk, by bicycle, or even on foot.

Biking in Chiang Mai - Our bicycle trip from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai was one of our best bicycling tours. Welcome to our bicycling adventure.

My Bicycle Tours Pictures

Bicycle Trip in Japan - May 2014

Bicycle Tours - Bicycle Trip in Japan

The Rhine Rive Tour - Nov 2010

Bicycle Tours - Bicycle Near Pumpkins

Bicycle Tours

Bicycle Tours

Bicycle Tours

Bicycle Tours - Frankfurt to Zurich-2010

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Bicycle Touring Preparation - Understanding the importance of bicycle touring preparation and preventive maintenance is essential for a successful bicycle touring trip.

Bicycle Touring Maps - Using bicycle touring maps can make you feel secure that you know where you are going and at the same time will keep you prepared for your bike tour.

Take a look at this wonderful video about bicycle touring. I was inspired!

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